PhD scholarship top-ups from Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia are offering top-up scholarships for students who already receive a PhD scholarship (such as APA or VU Post Graduate Research Scholarship).

Each top up will be worth $6,000 per year, plus additional travel or other opportunities.

Applications close on 28 October 2016.

Locations: students will be located at ISEAL and Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open and Tennis Australia’s elite training facility, with access to national players and coaches.

Research topics

Predicting outcomes in professional tennis

Topic 1 is about anticipating what happens next – using machine learning to predict outcomes in professional tennis using HawkEye data.

The project will use HawkEye data to elaborate contemporary, data-driven descriptions of playing styles in tennis. It will use a combination of statistical and machine-learning approaches. The aim is to use these measures of style to simulate different contests and examine the shot and movement characteristics most associated with point outcomes.

Contact: Dr Stephanie Kovalchik ([email protected]).

Emotional and mentality profiles of tennis professionals

Topic 2 will compile a data-driven model of the emotional and mentality profiles of professional tennis players through facial recognition and statistical techniques.

The project will use HawkEye data and employ a combination of data science and computer vision techniques to quantify:

  • the emotional response of players during matchplay through facial recognition
  • the mentality profiles of players based on their statistical performance on serve and return.

Contact: Dr Stephanie Kovalchik ([email protected]).

Enhancing decision-making capabilities

Topic 3 focuses on 'making virtual real'. This is the use of virtual technologies to enhance the decision-making capabilities of elite performers in tennis.

The project will use a blend of emerging virtual technologies and existing computer science solutions (HawkEye). It aims to advance our understanding of the perceptual and decision-making capabilities of elite tennis players.

Central to this project will be the development and assessment of a novel decision-making tool that uses actual matchplay data to inform the virtual setting.

Contact: Professor Damian Farrow ([email protected]).


To apply for a Tennis Australia top-up scholarship:

  • Submit an application for a PhD scholarship in the normal round
  • Email the contact person for your chosen topic to tell them that you have applied.

Applications for all Tennis Australia top-up scholarships close on 28 October 2016.

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