Transfer to Victoria University

Are you looking to make the move to Victoria University (VU)?

Discover what you can achieve at the uni that sees your unique potential – and gives you the skills, experience and confidence you need to succeed.

Here's what you need to know about how to apply, ATARs, credit for previous study, and more.

How to transfer to Victoria University

You don’t have to wait until next year – or even midyear – to start studying at VU.

Thanks to the VU Block Model, where you study subjects in four-week ‘blocks’, there are five opportunities across the year to start your course.

To transfer to VU, you will either need to:

What ATAR do I need?

While we do consider your ATAR for some courses, your ATAR is not considered for the majority of courses in our admissions process.

To find out the admission criteria for the course you're interested, check the individual course page.

Transfer credit

You may be able to gain ‘credit’ for previous study (or work and life experience), which reduces the number of units you may have to complete in your chosen course at VU. This is also called ‘advanced standing.’

If you’re applying directly to VU, you can apply for credit as part of your course application. You will be prompted during the admissions process to submit the required documentation.

You can also apply for credit after receiving your course offer.

Why switch to Victoria University?

Choosing the right uni for you can make all the difference to your study experience – and ultimately, what you get out of your course.

Dive into an industry-focused course at VU, where you will:

  • Study one subject at a time with our award-winning VU Block Model
  • Learn in small, collaborative classes where your voice is heard
  • Build practical skills and industry experience so you graduate job-ready
  • Find your place in our diverse community with students of all ages and backgrounds
  • Enjoy more flexibility for family, work, social life and everything else that matters.