Laboratories & research facilities

Our researchers have access to a wide range of specialist laboratories and research facilities that are ranked among the best in Australia and the world.

Graduate researchers also have access to dedicated study and computing facilities in the form of a Research Student Lounge and Research Room located in our Footscray Park and Werribee campus libraries.

Fire testing facilities

We have facilities at at our Werribee Campus for fire safety engineering research and testing. Facilities include:

  • fire test furnaces
  • cone calorimeter
  • 3MW calorimeter and ISO room
  • large fire test facilities
  • four-storey building scale model.

These facilities are used for research by the fire research group, which is part of the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

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Health research facilities

We've partnered with Western Health and the University of Melbourne to develop the Western Centre for Health Research and Education.

This $51.6 million five-level building at Sunshine Hospital provides current and future health care professionals with cutting-edge education, research and training facilities.

These facilities are regularly used by the Institute for Health and Sport, one of Victoria University's flagship research institutes.

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Sleep laboratory

Our two-bedroom sleep laboratory at our St Albans Campus is equipped with a range of devices for measuring sleep. It houses three portable Compumedics "Somte" systems for sleep recordings, and software for staging and scoring sleep studies. Researchers have access to:

  • Respironics Actiware watches and software
  • SleepImage cardiopulmonary coupling devices for assessing sleep stability
  • Palm Psychomotor Vigilance Tests
  • BMedical Pro-diaries for recording daytime assessments of sleepiness and mood.

Special collections & archives

Our library holds several special collections and archives that are available to assist graduate researchers and staff in their research. These collections have been funded by bequests and developed to support special research areas. They include:

Sport & exercise science research facilities

Our state-of-the-art sport and exercise science research facilities include:

These facilities are regularly used by the Institute for Health & Sport, one of Victoria University's flagship research institutes.

VU Whitten Oval

Our $8 million education research centre for sport and exercise science is located at VU Whitten Oval. The facility offers unique opportunities for research in elite sports, including coaching, player development, strength and conditioning.

The stadium is located at Victoria University Whitten Oval which is home to our partners, the Western Bulldogs Football Club.

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Water research

The Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities offers a range of water research laboratories at our Werribee Campus. These include:

  • fully equipped fluid mechanics and hydraulics laboratory incorporating pluviometers, flowmeters and water quality monitoring equipment
  • laboratory and pilot plant membrane facilities for flat sheet, hollow fibre and ceramic membranes
  • membrane autopsy facilities.

Researchers also have access to a range of hydrological software packages, including geographic information systems (GIS) and REsource ALlocation Model (REALM).