The SAP Academic Competence Centre (ACC) provides hosting services and technical support to universities in the Asia Pacific Japan region that participate in the SAP Next-Gen Alliance.

We service over 160 universities that use SAP within higher education curricula and research. Students are empowered with SAP knowledge and skills required to enter the workforce.

Standard products

Introduction package - AUD$5000

SAP S/4HANA Global Bike Inc (GBI) (includes config) and ERPsim* supports experiential and student-centred learning by demonstrating how fundamental business processes interact with a SAP ERP system.

  • Audience: Business, Information Systems, Computer Science.
  • Level: Beginner.
  • Users: 1,000

Explorer package - AUD$7500

SAP S/4HANA with GBI and ERPsim* with two more products, you can choose from SAP TS410+, SAP ABAP, SAP HANA and SAP analytics.

Adventure package - AUD$10,000

SAP S/4HANA with GBI and ERPsim* with five more products, you can choose from SAP TS410+, SAP ABAP, SAP HANA and SAP analytics.

Grand adventure package - AUD$15,000

S/4HANA with GBI and ERPsim* with ten more products or two S/4HANA with GBI with 10 more products, you can choose up to 10 of the following products, SAP TS410+, SAP ABAP, SAP HANA and SAP analytics.

* Must have level 1 ERPsim Certificate - includes distribution game only

+TS410 subscription requires Certified instructor

Non-standard products

We also offer the following non-standard products (quotes upon request):

  • SAP CRM: SAP customer relationship manager (CRM)
  • SAP SCM: SAP supply chain management (SCM)
  • I4.0/IoT with plant simulation: SAP industry 4.0/internet of things (SAP I4.0/IoT)
  • SAP (SolMan): SAP solution manager
  • I4.0/IoT with physical plant: SAP industry 4.0/internet of things (SAP I4.0/IoT)S.

Our staff

Shahid is responsible for managing infrastructure, curriculum and customers. He works with global partners in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. He is tasked with ensuring (ERP) support organisation maintains its services and quality. He also delivers lectures and leads workshops for ERP and Business Analytics courses locally and overseas.

Within VU, Shahid coordinates the following units at the Victoria University Business School:

Shahid is also an SAP Systems Advisor within Information Technology Services (ITS).

Scott is:

  • Director of SAP Academic Competence Centre (ACC) - APJ region
  • Director of SAP Next-Gen Lab at Victoria University
  • Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Victoria University.

In recent years, he has published in a number of highly ranked Q1 journals.

Scott has lectured, coordinated, and tutored in undergraduate and postgraduate subjects both in Melbourne and overseas.

Scott is also the postgraduate coordinator of the Master of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management and the Masters of Business (ERP Systems).

Harish has two years of experience in the IT industry and one year as a manager in retail. His skills and interest in the field of computer science prompted him to grow his career by learning different technologies. He's interested in discussing new trends in technology and innovation.

He is also a VU alumni with a Master of Business in ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning). His understanding of the systems from his masters degree and work background has been a great contribution to the ACC team and he has extended his capabilities and shared his skill set collaboratively with the team. Apart from the technical side, Harish is so much fun and enthusiastic to work with.

Ian is a customer support professional with 5 years of experience working in multiple end to end projects across a range of industries. Being a multilingual, Ian speaks 4 languages and has lived and worked in 5 different countries.

Ian has a Bachelor in Finance, Postgraduate Certification in Project Management and is pursuing a Master in Business with the focus in Enterprise Resource Planning System from Victoria University Business School.

Mohammad is responsible for the management of the SAP environment at Victoria University. This includes configuring, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting the SAP technical environment on an ongoing basis as well as scheduling and executing the SAP transport system.

Mohammad is also responsible for installation, upgrade, and maintenance of various SAP systems He also takes care of documentation & updating of the existing SAP environment and managing SAP users, authorizations, and profiles. Moreover, he maintains SAP performance by planning and executing SAP tuning strategies.

Samantha is the assistant to the Director of the SAP ACC.

Samantha has worked as a supervisor in a customer service position for the past 7 years and has a Bachelor of Youth Services.

Ranjit is a tech superstar. Has 4+years of industrial experience particularly in web applications. He loves the finest things in life and enjoys meaningful talks on different topics. 

He's well organised and you can expect him to get back to you on your queries within an hour. When he is not busy working, he loves listening to music. The office turns to a music club when no one is there and you know who the culprit is.

Hang worked as a store manager in the retail industry in Vietnam for almost 4 years, and has experience in customer service and support. As a team member of SAP ACC Support Team, Hang is willing to help and assist customers to solve their issues and achieve better outcomes together.

Hang has a Bachelor in Banking and Finance and is pursuing a Master in Business with the focus in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems from Victoria University Business School.

Contact us

Academic Competence Centre – Asia pacific Japan

Victoria University
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Room 11.15
300 Flinders Street, Melbourne
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