Take your career to the next level with a postgraduate qualification from VU.

Whether you want to enhance your skills, follow a new passion, or join our international research community, we can help you reach your goal.

Preparing your application

Before you start your application, make a checklist of the tasks you’ll need to do. Tick off each item as you go.

We’ve made a list of some of the documents you might need for your application for postgraduate study.

If you've studied in Australia you may need to provide copies of your Academic Transcripts and certificate of completion.

If you've studied overseas, you’ll need certified copies of your academic documents. Staff at VUHQ (Student Service Centre) can sight your original documents and certify copies for you.

Proof of work and/or life experience could be a copy of your current CV (resume) or Position Description (PD).

You may also need a supporting letter from your employer outlining your duties, responsibilities and duration of your employment/volunteer work.

If you decide to provide a statement, it should describe why you would like to enrol in the course, what you hope to achieve through study, the type of career path you would like to follow and how your previous study/work/life experiences support your application.

You can also use this statement to explain any past academic history concerns or demonstrate enhanced likelihood of success if applying to return to study after a period of exclusion.

The statement can be up to 500 words.

Some courses may have additional selection tasks that need to be completed or submitted as part of the application. It is your responsibility to check this on the course page and complete all required tasks by the application closing dates, otherwise your application may not be considered. Check the course page on our website for each course you are interested in, as application dates may vary, with some courses closing earlier than others.

Additional information may include:

  • a supplementary information form
  • referee reports
  • an interview, audition, information session and/or workshop
  • a folio
  • a test e.g. CASPer (non-academic attributes test) or LANTITE
  • a Literacy and Numeracy (L&N) assessment (TAFE courses only).

You will receive an email requesting further information if you have applied directly to VU and not submitted the required supporting documentation.

Submitting your application

Once you've prepared and collated all the information and documentation you need to apply a postgraduate course, submit your application direct to VU.

Remember, do not send original documents with your application as these won't be returned.

Applying direct to VU

If you are interested in studying a postgraduate course at VU, you can apply directly by searching for your course in our Admissions Centre or by clicking the apply link on your chosen course page.

The course page details any entry requirements you will need to meet and the supporting documentation required to complete your application.

When providing additional information to VUHQ (Student Service Centre), please clearly identify the course you have applied for, your name and date of birth.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application via email and let you know if you need to provide any additional documents.