VU is a dual-sector organisation. Victoria University (VU) Polytechnic offers TAFE courses that act as a pathway into higher education, or as stand-alone courses that can lead to a successful career.

Preparing your application

Before you start your application, make a checklist of the tasks you’ll need to do. 

A step-by-step process is available on the VU Polytechnic site, including:

  • documents you'll need when applying
  • loan criteria
  • eligibility for government subsidies. 

Please read Steps 1 – 4 under 'before you apply', on VU Polytechnic's Apply for a course.

Submitting your application

Once you've prepared and collated all the information and documentation you need to apply for your course, note there are two ways to apply to study at VU.

Most applicants can apply direct to VU Polytechnic, via the course page.

If you have applied online directly to VU Polytechnic, we will acknowledge receipt of your application via email. We'll let you know if you need to provide any additional documents, which you can upload as part of your online application.

Exceptions to applying direct

There are a couple of exceptions to applying direct when the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is open. Applicants who fit the either of the following descriptions should apply or make amendments to preferences via VTAC:

  1. You are a current 12 student, and your chosen course is listed with VTAC.
  2. You have already submitted an application to VTAC for the current intake.

Current year 12 students must apply for a course through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) if their chosen course is offered via VTAC. Non-year 12 applicants can also choose to apply through VTAC.

If you’ve applied through VTAC, you’ll need to submit your documents directly to them. Find out how to supply documentation to VTAC.

What’s a non-year 12 applicant?

You are considered a non-year 12 applicant if you:

  • have previously attempted or completed post-secondary study at Certificate IV or above
  • are currently enrolled in an Australian/overseas Year 12 study or program (including the IB) and have post-secondary studies at Certificate IV or above
  • have not completed Australian or overseas secondary studies and have no post-secondary studies at Certificate IV or above.

Pathways to further education

Pathway is a term we use to refer to the different ways you can get into a course or transition between courses at different levels.

You can start your education journey at certificate or diploma level at VU Polytechnic and pathway into a degree or even a PhD at VU, sometimes with credit/advanced standing. You can exit and re-enter education at any time during your career to specialise, re-skill or change careers.

If you aren’t yet eligible for entry into an undergraduate course, one of our selection officers may recommend you start in a pathway course as this will help you step towards your chosen career in a way that supports your success. Find out more about applying through pathways.