Sporting partnerships

A woman in Western Bulldogs attire on an exercise bike, with a VU staff member standing beside her, with a clipboard and stethoscope
We nurture strong partnerships and affiliations to achieve our goal of being Australia’s leading sport university.
Why partner with VU?

Partnering with VU gives you direct access to our multimillion-dollar facilities and industry-focused research.

Research partnerships

The Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) – one of two flagship research institutes at VU – has secured an extensive network of high-profile partners and research collaborators. The partnerships featured here reflect some of the most-established partnerships offered by the IHES.

We offer extensive opportunities for collaboration with our research institutes, as well as the opportunity to host a student or create affiliations with our teaching colleges.

Discover Institute for Health and Sport partners

How do we choose our partners?

Our partnerships:

  • reflect our strategic plan and research focus areas
  • offer productive and valuable outcomes for both parties
  • are based on shared values and aims
  • foster a two-way exchange of knowledge and opportunity.

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