The Game Insight Group (GIG) is a joint venture between Tennis Australia and Victoria University that aims to make tennis the most digitally advanced sport on the planet.

It does this by blending sport with data science and computer visuals for professionals, amateurs, fans and the sporting industry.

Many of the statistics shown at the Australian Open grand slam are powered by GIG.

Focus of the Game Insight Group (GIG)

Producing stars
Engaging fans
Growing participation

In recent years, GIG's focus has been on three key areas:

  • producing stars: creative competitive advantage for elite players on the world stage through data
  • engaging fans: allowing fans to get a closer insight into the game through data fed to media outlets
  • growing participation: developing experiences through data that enhance amateur players' abilities, as with the Tennis Lab (see below).

History of GIG


2010 – VU sports scientists and students involved in a collaborative research agenda with Tennis Australia.

2015 – Collaboration formalised into a strategic partnership. One significant feature of the partnership is shared staff appointments. With VU researchers embedded in Tennis Australia, both institutes benefit from practical, real-world innovation and insights.

2017 – An exciting commercial research venture with Tennis Australia called the Game Insight Group (GIG) was established.

Today – GIG consists of expert data analysts, computer engineers, sports scientists and product innovators collaborating to enhance players, coaches and fans engagement with tennis through science.

Key initiatives

  • Developing new statistics to quantify a tennis player’s ‘DNA’ to tell a better and more comprehensive tennis story.
  • Tracking the emotion of players in a match through facial recognition technology.
  • Creating the 'perfect game' by customising tennis for individuals, through modified tennis formats and applying virtual reality simulations.
  • Developing the 'Tennis Lab' to build expertise and evidence on emerging technologies in tennis.

Tennis Lab

The Tennis Lab applies GIG learning to amateur tennis players' games.

The Lab helps people pinpoint the exact racquet and string combination that will enhance a player's performance, based on their body make up and playing style.

It also offers other services to help develop people's game.


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