Vice-Chancellor Adam Shoemaker is responsible to the University Council for leading and managing the University well, promoting its educational excellence, and securing its financial sustainability.
Professor Adam Shoemaker

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Welcome to Victoria University

We have always done things differently at Victoria University.

As one of only six dual-sector universities in Australia, we are uniquely positioned to offer flexible, complementary studies to students at multiple points in their learning journey. This brings together the best of our University qualifications and VU Poytechnic's leading vocational education and training.

Since 2018 our revolutionary learning models have also led the way, ranging from the finest of new and emerging skills education to the Australian-first curricular transformation of the VU First Year College® and the multi-award winning VU Block Model®.

Never before has the world needed education and research with more impact. Driving our input, and underpinning all that we do, is our commitment to Protecting Country. We have a commitment to host ethical industries on every campus; to diversity and inclusivity; to the aspirations of First Nations people and culture; and to essential care of the environment that we share. 

This is who we are — a university with heart that meets and exceeds local and global challenges, for the benefit of people, place and planet.

We are all proud of where VU has been. We are even more proud of where it is headed.

– Professor Adam Shoemaker
Vice-Chancellor and President


Our Strategic Plan 2022-2028: Start well, finish brilliantly has a clear purpose and strong vision. We are excited about what Victoria University will be in 2028. And it has already begun.

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