Parenting rooms

Victoria University is committed to equal opportunity in employment and education and we provide parenting rooms to assist students and staff to balance the demands of study and/or work with their role as a parent or carer. 

Parenting rooms are available at specific campus locations. These student spaces are maintained with the help of Student Services and Amenities Fees.

Parenting room locations

Facilities in the parenting rooms

Our parenting rooms provide students and staff with appropriate facilities to feed and/or change their babies or young children, and a private space to express milk and breastfeed babies.

Facilities in our parenting rooms include:

  • baby change tables
  • lockers
  • comfortable chairs for breastfeeding or expressing
  • a microwave for heating milk and food
  • a refrigerator for storing milk.  

Water and toilet facilities are available in the student lounge areas located a short distance from each of the Parenting Rooms.

Accessing parenting rooms

Room access and availability is via the Student Wellbeing Office or via campus Security.

You will need to bring a valid student or staff ID to sign for room keys and gain access.

To ensure privacy, rooms can only be accessed by one parent/carer at a time.