If your child is in the final years of high school, you'll be thinking about how to support them as they consider study and career options.

Find out how VU can help your child become a successful university student, ready to launch their chosen career.

Easing the transition to university

We know you want the best for your children, and so do we. That's why we've developed the VU Block Model (formerly the First Year Model).

The VU Block Model offers your child:

  • single-unit focus to maximise learning potential
  • consistent support and guidance (with only one teacher per unit)
  • regular and ongoing feedback before completing all assignments
  • practical, hands-on learning to graduate industry-ready
  • flexible timetables for balanced study and personal/work life.

Achieving wins early in study is incredibly important for a student's success long term. By putting their needs first and easing the transition to tertiary study, our approach helps your child become a confident, independent learner who will graduate industry-ready.

Find out more about how the VU Block Model works.

Why tertiary study is a good idea

Whatever your child sees themselves doing in the future, further education may be their best way to get there.

If your child does not intend to apply for a tertiary course, here are a few reasons why they might want to reconsider:

Tertiary study doesn't just have to mean taking a traditional bachelor degree. They may also wish to consider studying a certificate or diploma course through our TAFE division, Victoria University Polytechnic.

If your child is uncertain of their end goal, our flexible study options and pathways can facilitate easy transition between our courses at different levels.

VU - a great choice for your child

At VU, you can be confident that your child will have access to the latest industry-relevant curriculum, flexible study options and accomplished teaching staff who have earned us high global ranking and a reputation for world-class research.

VU is one of the most industry connected universities in Australia. This means that our courses are designed with your child's future employability in mind. Our students graduate work-ready and are valued by employers in their fields.

VU graduates have been awarded:

  • AOs and OAMs
  • International Student of the Year
  • Postgraduate International Student of the Year
  • Victorian Young Achiever of Year
  • Young Victorian of the Year.

Our graduates have also gone on to become:

  • AFL coaches and players
  • CEOs
  • State Treasurer
  • actors
  • authors
  • indigenous leaders
  • international cabinet minister
  • international government advisors
  • inventors
  • mayors
  • members of parliament
  • renowned thought leaders and educators
  • scientists at CSIRO and NASA
  • and many more exciting careers.

How to support your child

One of the best ways you can help your child is to be informed about the different study choices available to them.

To find out the latest information:

If your child's ATAR was lower than expected, our Foundations at VU course may provide them with an alternative pathway into tertiary study.