We work with universities, governments, industry and other organisations around the world to:

  • facilitate researcher and student exchange programs
  • foster international research collaborations
  • create international research networks and partnerships.

International collaborative research

Our research institutes and centres work on collaborative research projects that connect VU with international research organisations. We have established research partnerships in specialised research focus areas with benefits for industry and communities in Australia and overseas.

Our researchers use these opportunities to undertake joint research projects, and further their research activities overseas. Global issues are often a focus of our research, particularly as we enter the Asian Century.

If you would like to find out more about VU research networks or working in partnership with us, please email Rocio Vucetich Karibian, Manager, Industry and International Partnerships (details on this page).

In 2017, Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Dawkins joined Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to launch a new India-Australia Sport Partnership (IASP).

The partnership sees Victoria University and the University of Canberra share their sport expertise, research, and experience with India as it establishes its first national sport university, similar to the Australian Institute of Sport.

International research partnerships

If you are considering developing institutional relationships with prospective international partners, please refer to the following guidelines:

They will help you define the objectives and intended outcomes of proposed relationships, and identify a suitable structure for formalising international collaborations.

Joint international PhD programs

A joint PhD program enables PhD students to simultaneously enrol in a research degree at VU and a university with a similar research focus in another country. Students must meet the academic requirements of both institutions and complete a significant component of their candidature at both universities.

Joint PhD programs provide opportunities for students to establish research and academic networks outside their home country and receive a qualification recognised by both universities.

If you would like to find out how we can work with your university to deliver a joint international PhD program in one of our research focus areas, contact the Office for Researcher Training, Quality and Integrity: [email protected].

Academic & research student exchange

The international exchange of ideas is at the centre of our research strategy. Exchanging researchers enables us to develop new knowledge by sharing expertise with those in other countries.

Find out about scholarships for research students and funding schemes to support academic exchange.

Please contact our research institutes or centres directly to discuss academic exchange or visiting scholar opportunities.

For international student exchange, please contact Victoria University International.

International research students

Enhance your research career by undertaking a PhD, professional Doctorate, or Masters by Research, and contribute to new developments in your area of expertise. When you undertake research at VU you have the opportunity to specialise in one of our research focus areas or pursue cross-disciplinary research.

Our graduate researchers become part of a research community committed to research excellence. You will enjoy quality research supervision and mentoring, English language support and participate in a researcher development program to help you develop advanced and practical research skills. There are also a range of scholarships available to support you while you study.

Our International Student Support team will help you settle into life in Melbourne as you enjoy everything VU has to offer.

For further information about studying at VU as an international student, please contact our international office.

Contact details for Manager, Industry & International Partnerships

If you would like to find out more about how you can deliver a joint international PhD program or work with our research teams, contact:

Rocio Vucetich Karibian

Manager, Industry and International Partnerships
Research Services

Phone: +61 9919 5970
Email: [email protected]

Joint research opportunities

At Victoria University, we take a multidisciplinary approach to our research and strive to develop innovative technologies that benefit students, industry and the broader community. We inspire and support research students to set new standards and make a substantial contribution to their field.

Whether our researchers are working alongside pre-school teachers, Olympic athletes, Timor-Leste farmers, or in collaboration with the Chinese Government, we consider our international partnerships to be long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations.

The Australia-China Joint Lab on Social Computing and e-Health is a joint initiative between Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science (GUCAS) and VU. It explores the development of information technology and how the internet is changing the way health care data is managed in China.

Professor Yanchun Zhang is the director of this joint initiative. He is a leading researcher in his field and part of the Program of Applied Informatics at VU.

In 2007, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and Victoria University formed a unique partnership to further the social and community objectives for each respective institution. The partnership allows for an exchange of ideas, programs and shared strategies for community engagement. It also creates opportunities for research to be conducted to support community development.

In 2012, this partnership was recognised for innovation in international education by the Institute of International Education. The award was for the learning experiences and opportunities offered to students and staff as a result of this partnership.

In 2016, we welcomed a delegation from UTEP as part of a raft of centenary events and celebrations.


Establish an international research partnership

Find out more about establishing an international research partnership with Victoria University including research exchange, joint international PhD programs and establishing a collaborative research project.