If you enrol in a domestic full-fee place, you are considered to be a full-fee paying student.

This means you will need to pay the full amount for all units you are enrolled in before census date.

Calculating your fees

Course pages display all of the units that make up your course, including core, professional and elective units.

The amount you pay for your course is the sum of the full-fee amount for the units you are enrolled in.

Download a list of all higher education units and fees for domestic students, including EFTSL (equivalent full-time student load ) and full-fee amount.

You can also search for individual unit fees in MYVU Portal.

Getting HELP with your fees

Eligible students enrolled in a full-fee paying place may be able to get help paying their fees through the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP), administered by the Government.

There are HELP loans available to assist you with the cost of your course.


FEE-HELP is a loan scheme to help eligible full-fee paying students pay for all or part of their tuition. It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. The total amount of FEE‑HELP a person can use is known as the ‘FEE‑HELP limit’.

Once you start using FEE‑HELP, the amount of FEE‑HELP you have left to use is known as your ‘FEE‑HELP balance’, which you can check on your Commonwealth Assistance Notice.

Read more about FEE-HELP and how to apply on the Study Assist website.

Borrowing limits

Eligible students can borrow up to the FEE‑HELP limit to pay their tuition fees. For 2017, the FEE‑HELP limit is $100,879 for most students.

This is a lifetime limit and is not reset or ‘topped up’ by any repayments that you make. The FEE‑HELP limit is the total amount available to eligible students under both the FEE‑HELP and VET FEE‑HELP loan schemes. Any amount you borrow under either FEE‑HELP or VET FEE‑HELP will reduce your FEE‑HELP balance until you have reached the FEE‑HELP limit.

Student services & amenities (SA-HELP)

SA‑HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay for all or part of their student services and amenities fee.

Read more about SA-HELP on the Study Assist website.

Important notice: Higher Education reforms

The Australian Government has announced a range of reforms to improve the higher education sector. These reforms will deliver a more sustainable sector, more choices for students and increase transparency and accountability in higher education.

Visit the StudyAssist website for more information about how these changes may affect you.

More detail about the reform measures is also available via the Department of Education and Training Higher Education Reforms website.

Further assistance & advice

There are many ways we can help if you need support paying your fees, including with a fee extension, student loan or scholarship.

We also provide free and confidential advice if you experience personal, financial or study-related difficulties.

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