Partnerships benefitting all of the west

With a focus on experience and employability, VU partnerships create opportunities for student placements, industry-focused research and tailored collaboration.

Image Student placements
Student placements
Image Cutting-edge research
Cutting-edge research
Image Bespoke partnerships
Bespoke partnerships
Image Community focused
Community focused

Through a diverse range of strong, long-term, ethical collaborations with like-minded organisations, our partnerships create lasting impact for students, staff and the broader community.

Our partner relationships are characterised by their impact, duration, quality, trust, and significant outcomes. With our strategy focused on creating and maintaining multi-faceted relationships, each VU partnership is truly unique.

We welcome major partners to locate workspaces on our campuses. This provides opportunities for students, staff and industry in education, internships and research. We call this model the ‘flipped campus’.

Together with our partners, we strive to make the world better through local action and an unwavering commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.