Why partner with VU?

Partnering with VU gives you direct access to our multimillion-dollar facilities and industry-focused research.

Through a diverse range of strong, longterm, ethical partnerships with like-minded organisations, we know that Victoria University will achieve its full potential.

Our partner relationships are characterised by their impact, duration, quality, trust, and outcomes that are trackable and traceable.

Our University strategy focuses on strong industry partners co-located on each of our campuses. This provides synergies and opportunities for students, staff and industry in education, internships and research. We call this model the ‘flipped campus’.

Partnering with principle

Our partnerships with business, government, community and key stakeholders in our heartland, the west of Melbourne, develop opportunities for our students and expand the reach of our innovative research. Our partnerships have a shared purpose and create mutually beneficial outcomes that have real, lasting impact in the communities we serve.

We know that a collaborative approach is key to solving the challenges that our communities face. We believe that the answers to these challenges reside with our partners as much as they do with us, and we can add the most value by working side by side with industry and the community.

Partnering with Principle is one of the five drivers in Victoria University's Strategic Plan 2022-2028: Start well, finish brilliantly.