Cyber Security Training Centre

The Cyber Security Training Centre, in partnership with Cisco Systems, will help prepare you for the unpredictable future of work.

The facility - located at the St Albans campus - features a simulated Security Operations Centre (SOC), as well as attack and defend rooms, where you can take on roles such as SOC manager or cyberprotector, acquiring work-ready skills.

Hands-on cyber security training

A recent Government report* estimated Australia would need almost 17,000 Cyber Security specialists over the next decade.

*AustCyber: Australia's cyber security sector competitiveness plan

The Cyber SOC offers options for long-term unemployed, disengaged youth, career changers and the general public. It features a wide range of training and professional development programs related to cyber security. This ensures students get the skills, knowledge and credentials they need to meet emerging industry need for cyber-savvy employees.

Cyber security is an ongoing life skill to be practised in all environments, not just at work or in study.

Nitin Singh, VU’s Director of Cyber and Digital Networks and Chief Information Security Officer

VU's state-of-the-art cyber security facility offers you the chance to take part in real world cyber threat scenarios, designed by global experts.