Research & Impact Plan

VU's Research and Impact Plan 2023 – 2028 articulates how we will deliver the vision 'to be a global leader in dual-sector learning and research by 2028', as stated in the Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028.

At VU, research with impact is the development and sustained application of ethical knowledge in all its forms, done in partnership and collaboration, to address the challenges of people, place and planet.

Research & Impact Plan vision

For VU, research with impact is about taking that next step:

  • more than knowledge but ethical knowledge
  • more than strengths but solutions
  • more than the West but the world, and
  • more than us but together.

Strategic drivers

The Research & Impact Plan contributes to all five Strategic Plan drivers.

  • Doing dual differently
  • Partnering with principle
  • Maximising research impact
  • Protecting country
  • Thriving place to study & work