Accept your offer to study

Find out the process for receiving your offer to study at Victoria University (VU), getting a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), paying your fees and organising your student visa to study in Australia as an international student.

If you're an Australian permanent resident, find out how you accept your offer from VTAC.

If you applied through a registered agent, contact your agent directly to assist you in finalising your offer. Your agent contact details can be found in your current Letter of Offer.

If you have applied to study at VU directly, please finalise your offer through our international application and enquiry system (EAAMS).

Accepting your offer

If you are successful with your application to VU, you will receive an international student offer and acceptance form.

If you receive an international student offer with conditions, you must meet the conditions identified. You'll then receive an offer without conditions and you can then accept your place at Victoria University. Once you receive your full offer (without conditions), follow these steps to accept your place at Victoria University:

  1. Sign and submit your international student offer and acceptance form to VU.
  2. Make the initial fee deposit payment stated in your international student offer and acceptance form.
  3. Include an extra A$50 to cover the bank fees charged for processing telegraphic transfer payments (TT, wire remittance).

Applications through an agent

If you applied through a registered agent, contact them directly for assistance in finalising your offer. Your agent contact details will be in your current Letter of Offer.

Applications for credit (advanced standing)

Applications for credit (advanced standing) are required at least 10 business days earlier than a standard application. This will ensure that your credit application is processed in a timely manner and can be included in your Letter of Offer.

Units can be credited if they are part of the course structure for the course you are applying for. Please note that credits relating to prior VU subjects are automatically granted and no further action is required.

If you submit a new application too late, your credit application will still be assessed, but you may not receive confirmation of the amount of credit granted in your Letter of Offer or before you enrol.

Use our credit calculator to find out what credits you may be eligible to receive based on past study or work and life experience.

Your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

After successfully accepting your place at VU, you will receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

This is an official document that confirms your place with us. You will need it when you apply for your student visa, your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and for other administrative processes.

Your CoE will contain information regarding your:

  • total course fee
  • course start date
  • total course duration.

This information will include any successful credit transfers, with the course duration amended accordingly. If you have deferred your course starting date, you will require a revised Letter of Offer that you must accept. The new semester commencement date will be indicated on your updated CoE.

All students under the age of 18 must have a guardian before they will be issued with an CoE. Your guardian must be an Australian resident over the age of 21. Read more about visa applications for students under 18 years of age.

Understanding your tuition fees & deposit

A Letter of Offer includes details on:

  • the total deposit fee
  • the semester tuition fee (which is the same as the deposit fee)
  • the course duration.

You will need to pay the deposit fee and submit your Student Acceptance Form. Students are also required to pay their semester tuition fee before the start of each semester.

Your Letter of Offer contains the estimated total course fee. This amount will be adjusted from the standard tuition fee to reflect any changes a credit transfer may have on your course duration. If your credit transfer application is approved and accepted after you enrol, only your CoE will be updated to reflect this change.

Victoria University reserves the right to annually adjust course tuition fees to take into account increases in University and program delivery costs. Changes to tuition fees will be applied at the beginning of each calendar year.

In the event of a variation between the fees on the Letter of Offer and the approved University schedule of fees, the approved schedule will prevail. Course tuition fees are invoiced each semester, based on the enrolled load for that particular semester.

Organising your student visa

Once we have confirmed your acceptance, you will need to arrange a student visa. The only exemption to this requirement is if you hold a visa which allows you to enter Australia without any restrictions on study.

Arrange overseas student health cover

As a condition of your visa, you will need to arrange health insurance for the duration of your study. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) applies to eligible medical and hospital expenses, depending on your level of cover. At VU, Medibank is the preferred OSHC provider. We negotiate special rates and extra bonuses for VU students.

Attending orientation & enrolment

You are now on your way to studying at VU.

VU provides you with many resources to help you prepare for your arrival into Australia and at VU.

Paying your course fees

Make your international fee payment via Convera for Students. You can pay from your bank account with a telegraphic transfer, your e-wallet option, or use a credit card.

To make your payment, please go to Convera.

Please make sure you enter all details correctly to avoid delays in processing. This includes your Student ID number and the VU Payment Reference code.

If you are unable to use Convera because you are paying from a country in which it is not supported, please contact  [email protected] .

Payments made within Australia can be processed through:

  • direct bank transfer
  • bank cheque
  • Electronic Funds Transfer through Point of Sale (EFTPOS) at VUHQ (Student Service Centre).

We recommend payments within Australia be made through a direct bank transfer or bank cheque.