Apply to study abroad or exchange

Apply to study for one or two semesters at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

If your home university is one of our exchange partners, it may be possible for you to study with us through our Student Exchange program.

If your home university is not an exchange partner, or you were not able to secure an exchange place, you can still study with us through our Study Abroad program. We have a range of Study Abroad Certificates to choose from, which could provide a specialisation within your degree.

Our two-step process will help you assess which program is right for you.

In 'Apply to study abroad or exchange':

Step 1: Choose your units (subjects)

Search for a unit (subject) related to your area of study.

Search for a unit

Alternatively, you can find a course and view the list of units available for that course.

A full-time study load for one semester is 4 units (subjects), however you can include up to 6 units of study in your application.

If timetable schedules do not allow you to enrol in a unit, you will have alternative units approved by your home institution.

Please note that units in nursing, osteopathy and paramedics are not available to exchange and study abroad students. Some other specialised units may not be available to exchange students and you will be notified in this case.

Step 2: Apply now

Apply for Student Exchange in Melbourne if you are:

Apply for Study Abroad in Melbourne if your home university:

  • does not have an exchange agreement with Victoria University, or
  • is one of our exchange partners but you have not secured an exchange place.

Submit your application

You will need to submit supporting documentation with your application by email to

Contact us for help on where to submit your application.

Application closing dates

To find out more about application deadlines, contact the international office at your home university.

Applications for 2016 study have closed.

  • For Semester 1 in 2017, the application closing date is 16 December 2016.
  • For Semester 2 in 2017, the application closing date is 31 May 2017.


The 2017 Study Abroad tuition fees are:

  • A$8,900 for 4 units of study
  • A$7,100 for 3 units of study.

The tuition fee must be paid in advance. There are no tuition fees for exchange students.

You will have additional costs for compulsory health insurance, visas, travel and living costs.

Student visas

To apply for a student visa, to understand your work rights and to learn about your English language requirements, go to our Student Visas page.

After you apply

After you have submitted your application, if you are successful you will receive a letter of offer with an acceptance agreement.