International student fees

As an international student at Victoria University (VU), you will be required to pay your tuition fees up front each semester.

There may also be additional materials fees throughout your studies, depending on your chosen course, as well as an administrative fee as part of your course application.

Tuition fees

Calculating your tuition fees

The tuition fees that you are charged will depend on:

  • your course
  • the year you start your study
  • your study load.

Tuition fees are indexed (increased) each year, at the beginning of the calendar year. Current international student tuition fees are published in our online course finder as well as in the international course guide.

How your fees are calculated

Higher education fees

Your fees are charged per semester or trimester with the equivalent full-time enrolment of 48 credit points or 0.5 equivalent full-time study load (EFTSL).

If you change your load from the standard 48 credit points or 0.5 EFTSL, your fees will adjust accordingly.

Vocational education (TAFE) fees

For vocational education students, your tuition fees are charged per semester based on the full-time study load for each course.

Paying your tuition fees

Once you've accepted your offer to study, your International Student Written Agreement (letter of offer) will outline any initial fees you will need to pay.

This is referred to as a fee deposit, and includes:

  • tuition fees payable for your first semester of study
  • an estimate of tuition fees for the duration of your study*
  • Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your study (if requested)
  • an estimation of the cost of additional materials required to complete the course (where applicable).

Advice on how to pay this initial fee deposit is also included in your International Student Written Agreement.

* Fees outlined in your international student written agreement are an estimate only (subject to approval) and may change.

After your first payment, you will need to make subsequent payments by the due date on your statement of account (invoice), available through MyVU.

Other fees

Course application fee

When applying for a course, you'll need to pay a $75 fee to have your application assessed by an international admissions officer. This payment can be made after completing your online application.

Current VU students, alumni, and some scholarship applicants don't have to pay this application fee.

Materials fees

You may need to buy specific items or equipment (such as books, clothing or specialist tools) in order to study in some courses. These additional costs are not included in your tuition fees.

These fees are outlined in your International Student Written Agreement (letter of offer).