One of the key points in our Strategic Plan is for us to be proactive in building relations with community for the benefit of partners, the University, our students, and for economic growth and social cohesion.

We have targeted community engagement with flagship projects in Maribyrnong, Brimbank, Wyndham and the Melbourne CBD.

Our international engagement is made via a distinctive contribution to the Asian Century through key partnerships.

The University has strong regional partnerships, reputation and expertise that span learning and teaching, research and knowledge exchange in particular, China, India, Malaysia and Singapore as well as Timor Leste.

VU's Footscray art prize, primary

Indigenous community engagement

Victoria University (VU) supports the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation's vision for a united Australia and acknowledges the original custodians of University land.

We value the contribution made by Indigenous members of society and recognise the need to enhance the level of opportunity available to them. VU has established Moondani Balluk Academic Unit to assist Indigenous Australians wanting to apply for a course and students attending VU.

Victoria University’s  Bathelmun Yalingwa Strategy (meaning ‘Shine Bright’ in the Woiwurrung language) consists of three key aspirations:

  1. Gamadji (Grow) – to grow the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people participating in tertiary education
  2. Dambunmon (Share) –  to share, acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal culture, knowledge and history
  3. Jerrboongun (Connect) – to connect the university cultural and physical environment to Aboriginal culture in a meaningful way.

The Strategy commits VU to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and communities, particularly in Melbourne’s west, to address issues that may affect their social, health and economic wellbeing.

Aboriginal Resource Guide

In conjunction with the Department of Health & Human Services and the Brimbank City council. VU recently finalised the Aboriginal Resource Guide for use by service providers and agencies and Aboriginal people.

Engaging with our heartland, the west of Melbourne

VU was born in, and proudly remains part of, the west of Melbourne. While our reach and our aspirations are now global – we remain focused on our vision – to uplift the communities where we operate.

We have a particular focus on engaging with industries and communities which live and operate in Melbourne’s west. For VU, an institution that is deeply connected with our region, fostering interdisciplinary problem solving is a distinctive feature of our approach to learning and teaching, and research and translation.

We ensure our graduates are prepared to address contemporary and emerging challenges. We give them skills that can be used in their future workplaces in the west and beyond.

Our research, leveraging from its local context, is known for generating outcomes of national and global significance.

Focused on strengthening economic development in the west, WoMEDA is a collaboration between Victoria University, State Government and key stakeholders in the west of Melbourne, including local government and the business community.

Footscray University Town is a bold and innovative partnership between Victoria University and Maribyrnong City Council to revitalise Footscray as a hub of knowledge, learning, creativity and opportunity, with benefits for the whole community.

Engagement with key partners such as Sunshine Hospital will provide opportunities to establish Sunshine as an employment hub.