VU RISE: Recover, Innovate, Sustain, Evolve

VU RISE provides an Innovation Hub architecture that is designed to activate opportunities through partnership development, accelerator and incubator programs to develop innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities in VU staff, students and community partner organisations.

VU RISE and the Innovation Hubs are a continuation of VU’s transformational agenda and vehicles supporting the VU Strategic Plan 2022 – 2028 and Research and Impact Plan 2023-2028 (PDF, 13.99 MB) and the strategic drivers of Maximising Research with Impact, Protecting Country and Partnering with Principle.

The Innovation Hubs have been awarded $22 million of research funding from the Victorian State Government to conduct applied research in partnership with industry, community and government in the west of Melbourne to create solutions and deliver impact that will support our region to respond to the challenges of today’s world.

Research within the Hubs is place-based to ensure direct impact for the West. The impact potential of the research is both immediate and longer term including: educational opportunities, policy development and application.

Sustainable Futures Hub

The Sustainable Futures Innovation Hub in Werribee focuses on responsible consumption and production practices in key industry sectors, in-line with the State Government’s Recycling Victoria strategy and the objectives of reducing waste and progressing the circular economy.

The Hub will cohere around four projects, delivered in partnership with government, community and industry organisations.

  • Digital transformation of construction industry for improved quality & safety: With the ever-increasing growth in the construction industry, a history of defective work, poor quality, and more fatalities than any other industry in Australia, this research project will develop cost-effective ‘Smart’ tools for use within the industry.
  • New recycled waste construction products: Our research will perform geotechnical and structural investigations on the utilization of recycled glass and plastics and demolition wastes in concrete house slab systems and associated road pavements in Melbourne’s west.
  • Next generation water management in the Werribee River Catchment: Education and research to shape policy and better inform decisions around community management, planning servicing and infrastructure solutions with particular emphasis on challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions: This research project will provide solutions for reducing the consumption of single-use packaging materials and the creation of new alternatives using agricultural by-products and other waste materials.

Stronger Communities Hub

The Stronger Communities Innovation Hub will improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of communities in Melbourne’s West.

The multi-sector Hub will cohere around 4 initial programs undertaken in partnership with community, health and industry organisations.

Education Hub

The Education Innovation Hub focuses on:

  • understanding transition barriers that prevent students from reaching their potential and reducing the availability of trained workers;
  • co-designing research-based solutions, including innovations for micro-credentials, 'stackable blocking' across HE and VET/TAFE, and workplace-integrated learning.

Projects in this Hub include:

Jobs & Skills Hub

The Jobs & Skills Innovation Hub will facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to support skills and jobs growth, as well as safe and inclusive work environments in Melbourne’s West.

The Hub will cohere around four projects, delivered in partnership with community and industry organisations.

BETA 2022 pre-accelerator program

BETA is a pre-accelerator program dedicated to supporting the next generation of researchers, students, industry and founders contributing to positively impacting people, place and planet.

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