To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, make sure you follow the application instructions and provide the required supporting documents. The more information you provide on your application form, the better your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Eligibility requirements

Depending on the scholarship you apply for, you may be assessed on your academic performance or personal financial situation.

Most scholarships are only available to students who are enrolled full-time.

Part-time students

There are limited circumstances in which a scholarship may be granted to a part-time student, such as illness or other exceptional circumstances.

You will need to submit a statement with supporting documentation demonstrating exceptional circumstances to be considered for a scholarship.

If you are enrolled part-time and registered with Accessibility Services you are eligible for scholarships.

Ongoing eligibility

Once you have been awarded a scholarship, your eligibility will checked before each payment. See payments and ongoing eligibility for more information.

Applying for scholarships

Applications vary depending on the scholarship. Please see the individual scholarship pages for more information on how to apply:

Applying for multiple scholarships

You can apply for multiple scholarships and may be eligible to receive more than one. However, you will only be granted one scholarship. This is normally the scholarship that is likely to benefit you the most.

If you’re already receiving a scholarship and apply for another of higher value or longer duration, you’ll be asked to give up the scholarship of lesser value (if your application is successful).

If you’re awarded an equity scholarship by VU, you may also be able to receive an externally-funded scholarship based on academic success. However, if the external scholarship significantly alters your financial position you may be asked to declare your income, including the value of the external scholarship.

If you apply for an equity scholarship, please notify us of any other scholarships you receive because these may impact your eligibility. Please also tell us if you are receiving an equity scholarship and are then granted another scholarship.

You are not eligible for a VU Access scholarship if you:

  • already have a Commonwealth scholarship or
  • are receiving a Start-up Loan from Centrelink.

Completing your application

To improve your chance of receiving a scholarship, you must complete your application in full (including any required supporting documentation).

All supporting documentation must be received within five days of the application closing date.

Incomplete applications will be disadvantaged in the assessment process, as they may receive fewer points when they are scored. Late applications, or applications with no supporting documentation, will not be assessed.

You can call +61 3 9919 6100 or email [email protected] for help with your application, including:

  • any mistakes you’ve made with your application
  • obtaining the required documents
  • answering any application questions
  • confirming we have received your documents
  • an extension on your submission.

Application rounds

Scholarship applications are open during specific times throughout the year.

Most VU scholarships (TAFE, undergraduate and graduate research) are open for applications between August and October for study in the following year. Sometimes there may also be a mid-year application round in June and July.

Externally-funded scholarships are offered throughout the year.

Please see individual scholarship pages for more information on when applications open.

Unsuccessful applicants

There are many reasons why your scholarship application may have been unsuccessful. You may have been ineligible at the time of application, or we received a large number of applications in comparison to the number of scholarships we had available.

We encourage you to apply again for the next available round of scholarships.

Scholarship assessment

At Victoria University, we offer both equity and merit based scholarships.

Merit (academic) scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance. The criteria vary for each scholarship and you should check individual scholarship pages for details.

Equity (hardship) scholarships

Equity scholarships are offered to applicants who demonstrate the most severe disadvantage or greatest need. They are awarded and scored on a range of factors such as:

  • low income or financial disadvantage
  • educational disadvantage
  • caring for others
  • disability
  • language background
  • indigenous background and
  • any other demonstrated hardship.

Equity scholarships do not use your school, TAFE or university academic results as part of the assessment process.

If there are more applicants than equity scholarships available, then applicants will be ranked based on these hardship factors. Applicants ranked highest on these measures will be offered a scholarship. To improve your chances of being ranked correctly make sure you:

  • include all the relevant information about your circumstances in your application
  • provide all required supporting documentation.

Scholarship offers

Successful TAFE (certificate and diploma) and undergraduate (degree-level) scholarship offers are sent in late January and February. Recipients will receive a scholarship offer pack in the mail.

Accepting your scholarship offer

If you are successful you must return the acceptance documents by the required date or your scholarship will be allocated to someone else.

After accepting a scholarship you must maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving the scholarship.

Scholarship payments

Scholarships are paid several months after scholarship assessments.

Payments for successful scholarship applications will usually be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to your nominated bank account in late April (and/or September if applicable). This is after we have checked your enrolment status at Census.

See payments & ongoing eligibility for more information on scholarship payments and eligibility requirements.