At Victoria University (VU), you can undertake collaborative research for and with industry, government and community.

Our graduate researchers are based within our colleges and specialised research centres and institutes, working with renowned research staff and contributing to the 600 papers published annually – more than half of which appear in the world’s best journals.

A recent survey of our graduate researchers found a 93% satisfaction rate with our support and skills development programs.

We are also one of just seven Australian universities to receive a five-star rating from the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations for our facilities.

Excellence in Research for Australia

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) is the major research quality assessment for Australian universities. Every three years, ERA assesses the research strengths of individual universities through expert review. Over 1,000 leading researchers from Australia and abroad participate in the ERA assessment process.

VU performed highly in the 2015 ERA assessment. Many of our research focus areas achieved a ranking of world-standard and above.

We received the highest rating of 5 (well above world standard) in:

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FoR 0906)
  • Human Movement and Sports Science (FoR 1106)
  • Nursing (FoR 1110).

rating of 4 (above world standard) in:

  • Mathematical Sciences (FoR 01)
  • Applied Mathematics (FoR 0102)
  • Engineering (FoR 09)
  • Mechanical Engineering (FoR 0913).

rating of 3 (world standard) in:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing (FoR 0801)
  • Distributed Computing (FoR 0805)
  • Information Systems (FoR 0806)
  • Education (FoR 13)
  • Specialist Studies in Education (FoR 1303)
  • Tourism (FoR 1506)
  • Language Communication and Culture (FoR 20)
  • Cultural Studies (FoR 2002).

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Professor Rezaul Begg in VU’s Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology laboratories.

Research highlight

VU's Professor Peter Sheehan and Professor Bruce Rasmussen have led research into modelling of the benefit cost ratios of investment in poorer countries.

The collaborative research led by Karin Stenberg at the World Health Organization (WHO) with the Victoria Institute for Strategic Economic Studies (VISES) calculated the social and economic returns from investment in women’s and children’s health.

The study highlighted how targeted investment in maternal and newborn health, child health, immunisation, family planning, HIV/AIDS and malaria in those countries could have massive impact.

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VU’s Professor Peter Sheehan and Professor Bruce Rasmussen have led research into modeling of the benefit cost ratios of investment in poorer countries.

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