Limited University parking is available at most campuses, except the city campuses where there is no University parking. For information about your public transport options for our city campuses, visit the campus pages.

Payment options for student & visitor parking

Students and visitors can park in the P Meter areas, using the Easy Park phone App or paperless parking meters in the University car parks.

Hours of operation

Paid parking applies between 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday including public holidays.


On-campus parking will be free until 31 January 2022, when the following charges will resume.

Footscray Park Campus 

  • $1.60 for 2 hours
  • $4 for all-day parking.

All campuses except Footscray Park

  • $2.20 for 2 hours
  • $5.50 for all-day parking.

EasyPark App – card only

The EasyPark App allows to you select and adjust your parking time so you only pay for what you need.

Download EasyPark from:

To pay for parking using the EasyPark App:

  1. Register your details and payment method (you only need to set this up once)
  2. Enter your vehicle registration
  3. Enter the parking area code displayed on signage around the car park
  4. Set your parking time

Additional fees

There are transaction fees for using the app. The packages are:

  • EasyPark casual user – for those that don’t pay to park often. There is no monthly fee, and you pay 10% per transaction.
  • EasyPark saver – for those that park 2-3 times per week or more. This option involves a monthly fee of $1.99, plus 2.25% transaction fee, which is more cost effective for regular users.

For more information call 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark website.

Parking meters

Parking meters are paperless and accept coins only. All you need is your licence plate details to enter into the meter and choose the 2 Hour or all-day parking option.

Parking meters only accept $2, $1, 50c, 20c and 10c and do not provide change.

Free campus parking until 31 January 2022

On-campus parking, including the new car parks at Flemington Victorian Racing Club, Riverbank, and the staff car park at Footscray Market rooftop, will be free of charge until 31 January 2022.

Parking maps & spaces availability

Footscray Nicholson parking map

  • Meter spaces (approx): 131
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 11
  • Limited street parking is available on Pilgrim and Albert Street. Time limits apply, please check signage for restrictions. A public car park on Albert St, North of Buckley Street is available.

Building works for the new Footscray Hospital may affect parking, bus routes and road access near Footscray Park Campus. Our available parking spaces are outlined below.

To find out more about the building works, see:


Footscray Park parking map

  • Meter spaces: 0
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 12
  • Other options: Street parking is available surrounding the campus.

Flemington Victorian Racing Club, Riverbank parking map

  • Ticket Meter spaces (approx): 600
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 0
  • Open from 4 January 2021
  • Shuttle bus service is available

Staff (salary packaged e-permit holders) will also have access to the Footscray Market rooftop car park with 275 parking bays, from 4 January 2021. Further information for staff can be found under Facilities on the intranet (log in required).

Sunshine parking map

  • Meter spaces (approx): 430
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 16
  • Other options: Limited street parking is available on Phoenix Street. Please check signage for restrictions.

St Albans parking map

  • Meter spaces (approx): 1200
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 32
  • Other options: Streets surrounding the campus are resident permit only parking. Please check signage for restrictions.

Werribee West parking map

  • Meter spaces (approx): 415
  • Accessible (disabled) spaces: 14

Werribee East parking map

  • Meter spaces (approx): 170 (including approx 58 staff spaces)

Parking regulations

University car parks are regulated by the Road Safety Act 1986 and its associated regulations.

  • A charge for parking applies between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (including public holidays).
  • A daily permit or digital ticket allows you park at any campus on the day of issue.
  • For safety reasons, the speed limit in all VU campuses is 10kph.
  • Users park at their own risk. University Management will not accept responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses.
  • Accessible parking spaces are available on each campus. You need to display a current Category 1 Municipal Disable Parking Permit.
  • Cars not parked according to car park signs will be fined.

Parking infringement notices

Parking infringement notices (PINs) are issued to vehicles parked contrary to the requirements of the car park signage.

Paying for your parking infringement

Details on how to pay your PIN are listed on the front of the parking infringement notice.

Lost parking infringement notices

If you lose your parking infringement notice you can obtain a copy from Bartels Taylor & Associates.

Appealing parking infringement notices

To appeal a parking infringement, please contact the agency below and place your appeal in writing:

Bartels Taylors & Associates
Phone: +61 3 9747 9569
Email: [email protected]
Hours of business: Monday to Friday, 9am – 4.45pm

Review – Victoria University
PO Box 779
Melton VIC 3337

As outlined in Section 22 of the Infringement Act 2006 you will need to provide evidence to support your appeal.

Find more information on the Bartels Taylors and Associates website.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, you have two further options available to you:

  1. Pay the infringement; payment options are available on the reverse side of the PIN or the BTA website
  2. Elect to have the matter heard in an open court by sending your request in writing to Bartels Taylors & Associates. At this time the agency will provide evidence of which you will be supplied a copy.

Please note: It is advisable not to contact Facilities in the first instance as the PIN will not be placed on hold. Any delays may cause overdue fees to be added to the infringement costs.

Once your appeal is received, the parking infringement notice is placed on hold, pending the outcome of your appeal.

You'll be advised of the outcome in writing once the review process is finalised.

Withdrawal of parking infringement notices

Infringement notices will only be considered for review if they meet Section 22 of the Infringements Act 2006 (Vic). For further information please refer to Parking Infringement Appeals.

Staff parking permits

Staff can salary package permits and purchase annual permits through the parking office. Full details are available on the Facilities Department intranet site. You can have the fee automatically deducted from your fortnightly pay. Staff can park in E Permit or P Meter areas.

If you have a VU one-day scratchy permit, these may be used in either E Permit or P Meter areas.