We invite you to be part of the Chaplaincy services at VU. At Chaplaincy we are pleased to meet people from every faith or no faith.

You are welcome to visit the Chaplain at VU to share any news, views, stories, concerns or discuss other personal issues. The Chaplain offers spiritual and emotional support, listens with a caring heart and a compassionate spirit, irrespective of your faith/belief affiliation or background.

At your request, the Chaplain can assist in referring you to counsellors or other specialised experts at the university. If you ever need to talk to somebody, make an appointment to talk to the Chaplain at VU.


Chaplaincy services can support you when you:

  • want to share your values and belief with others
  • need somebody to talk to about your spirituality or meaning of life
  • feel lonely, experiencing difficult times, feel the study pressure, relationship worries, family concerns, spiritual or faith matters
  • want to share part of who you are with others; your talents, stories of joy, surprises, discoveries, dreams and creativity
  • want to help others.

Reflection Centre

At our Reflection Centre you can treasure memorable experiences with others, reflect in peace, solitude and tranquillity, and relax in a safe environment. You may choose to:

  • listen to light music and relax
  • participate in Tai Chi followed by meditation for health and joy
  • join in Christian reflection and bible study (Christians and non-Christians welcome)
  • offer prayers for special intentions, for success with your exams etc.
  • attend hypno-relaxation session for improved self-esteem, confidence, creativity or to reduce tension
  • attend Yoga followed by meditation to rejuvenate your body and mind
  • attend Jyoti meditation from Science of Spirituality (a new method of mediation)
  • request for memorial services for loved ones
  • use your creative talents through graphic design, flyers or animation
  • get information about exercises in which you will be able to attune to your body and develop your creativity
  • share your leadership skills to organise group sessions, outing or get-together to share meals
  • access pastoral and spiritual resources.

Spiritual & wellbeing programs

We run many varied group or individual spiritual and wellbeing programs. In consultation with the Chaplain, you may arrange for other activities or events, prayer services or discussion on particular topics. You are encouraged to bring in thoughts for the day/week or other printed spiritual stories, music/songs or articles to share with others.

Victoria University Western Region Interfaith Network (VUWRIN)

VUWRIN meets bi-monthly in the Reflection centre. We hope to promote peace and harmony through being open and to accept all. Everyone from all faith and spirituality are welcome to come along to share and learn about our members religions, spiritual traditions and environmental sustainability practices. VUWRIN is registered with Victoria Multicultural Commissions and links in with other communities and organisations.

For more information about VUWRIN, when we meet next and who the guest speaker will be, please contact the Chaplain.

Catholic Overseas Students Down Under (COSDU)

COSDU is a student group run through the University of Melbourne. They meet regularly on Fridays. All students are welcome to join them.

Contact the Chaplain

The Reflection Centre, Building 1L, Room L101, St Albans campus
Chaplain's office, Building 4, North Wing, Room 4N139, St Albans campus

Phone: +61 3 9919 5400