Make use of our free shuttle buses (weekdays only) connecting the Footscray and St Albans campuses to their nearest train stations.

You'll feel safer knowing that a security guard is on-board.

The service operates during semester, Swotvac and exams to and from the Footscray and St Albans campuses. See the academic calendar for relevant semester dates.

Shuttle bus stop locations at train stations:

  • Footscray train station
    67 Irving Street, Footscray (towards Nicholson Street, opposite Reliable Groceries)
  • St Albans train station
    McKechnie Street, St Albans

Footscray shuttle bus

This bus travels between the Flemington Victorian Racing Club, Riverbank car park, Footscray Park Campus and the Footscray Station/Market car park.

The bus service will commence at 6.30am at the Flemington Victorian Racing Club, Riverbank car park and the last bus will leave Footscray Park campus at 10pm.

The bus stop on Ballarat Road has been moved near the Footscray Bowls Club, approximately 250 metres west of Footscray Park Campus, until 2025, due to the new hospital building works.

View the live shuttle bus tracker (Google Chrome or Safari browsers required).

New timetable 

The Footscray shuttle bus route now includes the carpark at Flemington Victorian Racing Club, Riverbank car park.

View the live shuttle bus tracker (Google Chrome or Safari browsers required).


St Albans shuttle bus

This bus goes between St Albans Campus and the St Albans Railway station. 

St Albans timetable

There are 3 stops on this route. Please note that the morning timetable will be in place as of 25 February 2019. 

See the St Albans Campus page which includes links to planning your journey on the PTV website, a Google map and campus map.

Morning timetable

Stop 1:
St Albans Railway Station
Stop 2:
Building 10 (roundabout)
St Albans Campus
Stop 3:
Building 11 (Fitness Centre),
St Albans Campus
7.35am 7.45am 7.55am
8.05am 8.15am 8.25am
8.35am 8.45am 8.55am
9.05am 9.15am 9.25am
9.35am 9.45am 9.55am
10.05am 10.15am 10.25am
10.35am 10.45am 10.55am
11.05am 11.15am 11.25am

Evening timetable

Stop 1:
Building 10 (Roundabout)
St Albans Campus
Stop 2:
Building 11 (Fitness Centre),
St Albans
Stop 3:
St Albans Railway Station
5.00pm 5.05pm 5.10pm
5.15pm 5.20pm 5.25pm
5.30pm 5.35pm 5.40pm
6.00pm 6.05pm 6.10pm
6.20pm 6.25pm 6.30pm
6.40pm 6.45pm 6.50pm
7.00pm 7.05pm 7.10pm
7.15pm 7.20pm 7.25pm
7.30pm 7.35pm 7.40pm
7.45pm 7.50pm 7.55pm
8.00pm 8.05pm 8.10pm
8.15pm 8.20pm 8.25pm
8.30pm 8.35pm 8.40pm
8.45pm 8.50pm 8.55pm
9.00pm 9.05pm 9.10pm
9.15pm 9.20pm 9.25pm
9.30pm 9.35pm 9.40pm
9.45pm 9.50pm 9.55pm
10.00pm 10.05pm 10.10pm
10.15pm 10.20pm 10.25pm
10.30pm 10.35pm 10.40pm
10.45pm 10.50pm 10.55pm

St Albans shuttle bus route

  1. The route starts from the roundabout outside Building 10 (Levenia Street side of campus) (Stop 1)
  2. Proceeds North along campus road to to Fitness Centre bus stop
  3. Stops at Building 11 (Fitness Centre) (Stop 2)
  4. Continues to St Albans Railway Station (Stop 3)
  5. Proceeds back to Building 10  (Stop 1) from the St Albans Railway Station where the route starts again.

St Albans Railway Station information

More about the St Albans Railway Station from the PTV website, including:

  • a journey planner from St Albans Railway station
  • train timetables for the Sunbury Line (and getting to the City)
  • departure timetables in PDF format from St Albans station to City and Sunbury
  • general station information.

Contact campus security

Emergency number: +61 3 9919 6666.

General enquiries: +61 3 9919 4999.