Being able to choose how you study is important to reaching your goals. That's why we offer a range of flexible study options.

Whether you are combining study with a full-time job, balancing family life, or need to further your education to achieve career goals, we can help make study work for you.

Pathways & credit for courses

We are one of only six universities in Australia to offer TAFE and university courses. This means that we can help you to move easily between courses at all levels, progressing from TAFE, to undergraduate (bachelor degrees) and then postgraduate degrees.

We call these connections between our courses 'pathways'. Pathways are useful because they can put your dream qualification in reach, regardless of your education background.

Many of our pathways also offer you credit for prior learning and work experiences, so that you might be able to finish your study sooner. Students with prior qualifications, on-the-job training or relevant life experiences may have existing skills formally recognised as credit towards your course.

Find out more about credit for skills and past study.

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Make study work for you

We offer you the opportunity to choose how, when and where you study.

  • Choose your hours: Most of our courses are offered full time or part time. Whichever study mode you choose, you will have the opportunity to plan your own timetable.
  • Study online: Our course delivery includes online real-time and self-paced classes, as well as safe in-person learning, so that you can study uninterrupted by changing circumstances.
    VU Collaborate supports all students’ learning, while Victoria University Online delivers selected courses.
  • Hybrid learning: Some courses are delivered through a combination of on-campus (in person) and online study, improving access and learning outcomes.
  • Take your study overseas: Study a semester abroad at one of our 120 exchange partner institutions in more than 30 different countries.

"I chose VU because the course structure was flexible and offered classes at night which suited my work hours. I applied to do a bachelor degree, but was directed straight to masters due to my more than seven years industry experience."

Bart Phaosihavong found that further education is a pathway to new career opportunities.

Preparation studies for university

If you're not quite ready for university, we have a number of courses to help you prepare for tertiary study.

  • Foundations at VU
    Our full-time 13 week foundation studies program can provide alternative entry to TAFE or university courses. It is available to students who have attempted an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent) and have successfully completed an Australian Year 11 (or equivalent). Course units focus on developing numeracy, critical thinking, academic writing, and research and communication skills.
  • English language/transition education
    If you need to improve your English language or literacy skills to gain access to further study and work opportunities, VU offers a range of English language & preparation courses through VU Polytechnic. These programs are suitable for non-English speakers, adult learners and high school graduates who need additional skills in literacy, numeracy, and general work education.
  • Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
    For adults returning to study, our VCE course can provide pathways into vocational and higher education courses, as well as a broad range of careers where VCE is a requirement.