When you study a postgraduate course at VU, you complete each unit (subject) across a certain number of weeks. This learning period is called a ‘block', and the course structure is known as the VU Block Model.

With its small, collaborative classes, VU’s Block Model for postgraduate courses allows for deep, focused learning: one or two subjects at a time. While studying, you'll also build industry connections to graduate with established professional networks.

PhD courses and masters by research are not taught in block mode.

For undergraduate study, including all undergraduate certificates, diplomas and degrees taught at our Melbourne and Sydney campuses, please see VU Block Model.

Postgraduate modes of delivery

VU Block Model

Studying in the VU Block Model means your study mode of delivery will be organised in one of the following ways, depending on your course:

Four-week mode

  • Study 1 unit (subject) at a time over 4 weeks
  • Full-time and part-time study
  • 1 unit at a time over 4 weeks
  • Study area:
    • arts and humanities
    • education
    • health and biomedicine
    • sport and exercise.

Seven-week mode

  • VU Online courses only
  • Study 1 unit at a time over 7 weeks
  • Part-time study only

Eight-week mode

  • Full-time & part-time study
  • 2 units at a time over 8 weeks (full time) or 1 unit at a time over 8 weeks (part time)
  • Study areas:
    • business (most postgrad courses)
    • engineering and science (selected postgrad courses only).

Postgraduate courses in block mode

The delivery mode for each course is shown in the accordions below, separated by subject area. 

The following course is delivered in eight-week block mode:

All other postgraduate law & justice courses are currently delivered in the standard mode.

The following courses are delivered in four-week block mode:

The following courses are delivered in seven-week mode, through VU Online:

All other postgraduate health & biomedicine courses are currently delivered in the standard mode.

All other postgraduate courses not listed here are delivered in the standard mode.

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Why it's smarter

  • focus – study one or two units at a time instead of juggling the standard four units at once
  • flexibility – better work/life/study balance, more intakes (so you don't have to wait to start), and part-time or full-time options
  • connections – more focused timetables allow you to connect with peers, teaching staff and industry partners
  • faster results – you typically finish your block on a Friday and receive your results the following Monday, taking away uncertainty and a long wait for results
  • performance – the VU Block Model has shown an increase in pass rates, student success and engagement
  • reputation – our multi-award-winning Block Model has gained an international reputation.

Timetabling & classrooms in the Block Model


At VU, most full-time units have three three-hour sessions per week, which means you have more time outside of studies for what’s important to you.

Block classes are available in multiple combinations to allow you to choose the timetable that best suits you (depending on your course). You can choose classes in the day or evening to ensure you can still keep any other commitments you may have outside of university, like work or family commitments.

Use our timetable planner to get an idea of when classes for particular units and courses will run in the coming semester.


Block classes are interactive sessions where you are empowered to share ideas, debate concepts and explore learning opportunities. Learning in small, collaborative working groups with classmates and your teacher, you will feel more confident to speak up than in a standard lecture environment where you could be sitting among 100 or more classmates.

With smaller class sizes, you will have more one-on-one time with your teacher. By focusing on one or two units at a time and being in more of a collaborative environment, you’ll have more support from your teachers and peers.

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