Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria helps state government find the industry skills needed to complete public projects, by connecting them with the right businesses.

VU’s partnership with ICN Victoria aims to grow workforce skills in procurement (process of purchasing goods and services), including ethical business techniques for procurement.

Looking into an office from the hallway. In the hallway is a large screen that says "ICN Victoria. Welcome invited guests to the ICN Victoria Office Launch"

About ICN Victoria

ICN is a network of procurement and supply-chain specialists who introduce businesses to industry projects across Australia and New Zealand.

The network was created more than 35 years ago to increase economic activity and employment opportunities for local industry.

ICN Victoria's role in matching state-government projects with its network of more than 20,300 suppliers across Victoria aligns with VU’s mission to drive education, training and employment in the west of Melbourne.