Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

We will provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) by email as proof that you have been accepted by VU to enrol in a course. When you have your CoE, you can apply for or renew your student visa.

Receiving your CoE

Victoria University International will send you, your agent or your home institution a CoE through the International course enquiries and applications system once you have accepted your offer to study. We will send you a CoE if this is your first application for a student visa.

When you apply for a student visa, submit your CoE with your visa application to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Visa conditions & changes

You must comply with all conditions attached to your visa, including leaving Australia when your visa expires (except in extremely limited cases).

If the length of your study is shortened or extended, it is your responsibility to contact the Department of Home Affairs to advise them of the change.

Extending your studies

If you want to extend your studies, you need to apply to extend your CoE. Extending your studies in only possible in some cases.

Your application must satisfy one of the following criteria:

  • compassionate or compelling circumstances, such as:
    • serious injury or illness
    • death of close family member
    • a traumatic experience
    • changes to the course structure or subject availability.
  • evidence of an intervention strategy (e.g. study plan) if you have been identified as at-risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress
  • approved leave of absence or suspension of study.

Please note: financial difficulties or homesickness do not qualify as compelling circumstances.

Submit your request for CoE variation for enrolled students form (PDF, 219.15 KB) at least six weeks before your visa is due to expire, either via AskVU or in person at VUHQ.