Major Alliances

Four people standing in front of a VU and commUnity+ sign - smiling at camera.
Major Alliances represent our longterm commitments to sharing knowledge and working together towards aligned goals.

Victoria University's 'Major Alliances' go beyond the parameters of a typical partnership.

Each alliance represents a longterm commitment from VU and the partner organisation to exchange knowledge and work together towards aligned goals.

United by shared values and objectives, we collaborate to create opportunities for our partners, our students, our researchers and the communities we serve.

What is a major alliance?

A partnership can be defined as ‘an arrangement between parties that is agreed to advance mutual business interests’. VU has a number of partnerships that represent collaboration across industries to address strategic plans, contribute to research focus areas, and foster a two-way exchange of knowledge and opportunity.

Our partnerships in education, commerce, research and community are local, domestic and international in scale. A selection of these are considered 'Major Alliance' partnerships. Major Alliances are multi-dimensional and have joint activities or initiatives that transcend typical partnership categories.

Our criteria for a Major Alliance

Our major alliances:

  • deliver strategic alignment and prioritisation for VU through the annual operational plan and other endorsed enterprise plans (eg Research and Impact Plan, 2023 -2028)
  • align to the strategic plan and goals of the partnering organisation
  • are aligned ethically and by values 
  • recognise the significant value that each party brings to the partnership
  • are engaged and coordinated across the University and staff working with partner organisations
  • are longterm, impactful and measurable.