Collaborative research

Research networks and collaborations bring us together with other university researchers, industry, business, government, not-for-profit organisations and the community.
Partnership enquiries

Find out how we can provide strategic advice, new and improved products, processes and technologies for your business needs.

Our research leads to the discovery of new knowledge and innovative technologies that can be applied to practical problems.

Access our research expertise

We can provide strategic advice and expertise and apply our research focus areas to solve problems or develop new knowledge and technologies for your organisation.

Our research focus areas include:

  • Building resilient and inclusive communities
  • Effective teaching and learning practices for diverse populations
  • Enabling healthy and active populations
  • Enhancing high performance in sport
  • Enhancing the evidence base for public policy development
  • Supporting industry responses to change.

The changing face of research: A collaborative model

Traditionally research has been seen as something that is undertaken separately and is delivered for particular areas of interest or clients. But the world has changed; there’s now an urgent need for a more collaborative approach to research, one that engages direct with industry throughout the stages. VU has a proud tradition of delivering this type of research. 

We have committed to making all our campuses resilient and sustainable through our Towards Net Zero plan and advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across VU’s teaching and research activities to protect the future health and wellbeing of humanity and the planet we share.

Contract research & development

Work with our researchers to create new or improved products or processes for your organisation.

There are opportunities to use VU's specialist expertise, equipment and infrastructure to conduct tests and experiments that will develop and prove your concepts.

Our contract research and consulting services provide:

  • strategic advice on how our research strengths can benefit your organisation
  • collaborative research or research partnerships (including ARC Linkage grants)
  • commissioned research
  • testing
  • access to university equipment (including laboratories and research facilities) and infrastructure
  • project management of research projects
  • standard template agreements that can help speed up negotiations between VU and our partners.

Commercial opportunities, licensing & investing in research

Victoria University has knowledge and experience in many specialised research focus areas, with commercial applications across a number of industry sectors in Australia and overseas.

We continually develop new knowledge and innovative technologies with the potential for commercial development with industry partners.

We can help you if you are an investor or business looking for commercial innovations and expertise. We are flexible and listen to your needs in order to help you achieve your business goals.

Business solutions

We can provide specialised solutions to help industry, government and communities:

  • build important research collaborations to encourage and support research activities
  • create applied research opportunities
  • develop innovative and enterprising solutions to help make research and commercial impact to benefit the world.

We provide strategic advice, new and improved products, processes and technologies that can be applied by our partners.

Research at VU

If you are interested in engaging with VU for other research opportunities please explore the following pages:

For any PhD enquiries please contact Professor John Price at  [email protected] .

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