Support for graduate researchers

If you're beginning your first graduate research degree, you might feel that you would like additional support as you transition into the exciting world of research.

At VU you'll find a range of support programs available to help you develop the new skills you'll need to become a successful and independent researcher.

Induction program

Our induction program provides orientation and support for all newly-enrolled graduate researchers. It covers important information about student life and services at VU.

You'll learn about:

Research development

Our Researcher Development Program offers over 100 seminars and workshops every year.

These sessions help you to build key research capabilities such as:

  • written and oral communication
  • research design and statistics
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • information literacy.

Writing support

The Graduate Research School and VU's Learning Hub offer assistance to graduate researchers wishing to improve their writing skills.

This includes advice on writing research proposals, literature reviews, research articles, and thesis chapters.

PhD coursework units

VU provides two core coursework units for all new PhD scholars, designed to assist you as you prepare for candidature.

These units offer additional formalised learning and support in conceptualising and contextualising research and research integrity and ethics.

Research Ambassadors

Our Research Ambassadors are available to provide individual support to research students in a range of areas including:

  • quantitative and qualitative research design and data analysis
  • document formatting
  • software (e.g. EndNote and NVivo)
  • data and file management
  • library research databases.

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VU Postgraduate Association

The Victoria University Postgraduate Association (VUPA) (external link) is a student association that exclusively serves postgraduate students.

Funded by the Student Services and Amenitites Fee (SSAF), VUPA works closely with other University organisations and services to improve the experience of postgraduate students.

We run several events and seminars every year, where you can meet and learn from other postgraduate students and successful people from community and industry.