Victoria University has a range of study options that can be completed within months – and sometimes days.

These include work-focused learning through VU Polytechnic, diverse 4-week university subjects (single units of study), and targeted professional short courses. Many are offered online, or in a blend of online (real-time or self-paced) and in-person classes.

In 2021, subsidised certificate courses let you graduate with a university qualification in under 6 months.

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Why study in 2021?

As part of its support for those affected by COVID-19, the Federal Government has launched the Job-ready Graduates Package that provides subsidises for postgrad certificates that would ordinarily be full fee. 

Currently, the subsidies will apply for one year only – so what are you waiting for? Find a course and apply today.

Subsidised university short courses 2021

Duration: 6 months full time
Qualification type: Undergraduate certificate | Postgraduate certificate
SchemeJob-ready Graduates Package
Eligibility: Australian citizens & residents (domestic students) | prerequisites apply
Fee type: Government subsidised (Commonwealth-supported places; CSP)
Delivery: On-campus & online (remote) classes 

Job-ready Graduates Package 2021

For one year only, the government is providing extra funding for a range of six-month certificate qualifications at HE (higher education/university) level.

Several postgraduate certificates that would usually be full fee are currently subsidised, making them significantly more affordable. The HECS-HELP loan scheme is also available – so you can study now, pay later through your tax.

If you're not ready for postgrad, a range of 'undergraduate certificates' have been created that let you graduate within six months (full time) with a university qualification.

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Short VU Polytechnic courses

Duration: A few hours to several weeks
Qualification type: Non-accredited | industry accredited, eg First Aid; Construction Induction (White Card)
Eligibility: Open | prerequisites may apply
Fee type: Varies
Delivery: On-campus & online classes 

Professional & personal development

We offer a broad range of short courses to teach you new skills for the workplace, or develop an area of personal passion.

These courses are quick and affordable – letting you upskill in a few hours or a few weeks.

Workplace essentials such as Induction Construction (White Card), First Aid and machinery operation keep your professional paperwork in order. And management and digital-technology courses (such as Excel) help you perform and progress in the office.

Or, study just for you, with courses like creative writing or perfect makeup.

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Industry & workplace training

robots used in learning environment

Duration: A few hours to a few weeks
Qualification type: Non-accredited short courses | accredited qualifications
Eligibility: Varies | open
Fee type: Full fee
Delivery: Online | workplace | on-campus

Award-winning learning design

We provide customised workplace training and professional development through Victoria University Polytechnic, linked to industry standards.

Training encompasses: on-campus and workplace training, non-accredited short courses, accredited qualifications, mentoring, language and numeracy teaching and more.

Our speciality is creating visually engaging and interactive learning resources to meet the needs of educational, industry and not-for-profit organisations. We can incorporate technology into your learning, including virtual reality, humanoid robots and 3D printing. 

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Single units of study

Duration: 4–8 weeks
Qualification type: No qualification, but may count towards a degree
Eligibility: Australian residents & citizens (domestic students) | tourist visa < 3 months | prerequisites may apply
Fee type: Full fee
Delivery: On-campus & online classes

Study one subject from a course

VU's single units of study let you update your professional knowledge, dive deeper into an area of personal fascination or take a step towards further study.

From screen media to law, choose from our units in the arts, business, engineering and IT, health, sport and more, to upskill in as little as 4 weeks. Credits from these units can count towards a university degree, and are often available as credits to students from other universities (cross-institutional study).

If you're studying for professional development, your employer may even sponsor your unit. 

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Explore other courses

Can't find what you're looking for? We offer many more courses that can be completed within a year, including diplomas and certificates. 

If you're interested in TAFE, browse the VU Polytechnic offerings, some of which are covered by the government's Free TAFE and JobTrainer schemes – that make studying very affordable.

Specialised short courses for professionals include: