The Education Program at Victoria University sits within the College of Arts, Business, Law, Education and IT.

Our staff are experts in education. We continuously monitor and improve our course offering to deliver a up-to-date and relevant education program. With extensive school, university and community connections, we ensure that you will develop professional networks, get teaching practice while you study, and graduate ready to step into the classroom.

This program area is responsible for supporting and guiding students studying teaching for primary and secondary schools, universities, and community settings – including specialised PE and TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) areas.

If you are interested in kindergarten, childcare or other early-childhood teaching, read about our Early Childhood Program.

Partnerships & placement opportunities

All teacher education courses at VU include professional experience and supervised teaching practice in schools. These placements will take place in one of our 900 partner organisations that include primary schools, secondary schools, alternative or special schools, adult education, TESOL environments and community organisations.


Research into education is conducted by our institutes and centres that play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and influencing education policy and practice.

Our people

Our staff are leaders in their fields and passionate about preparing students for successful careers.

Head of programLigia Pelosi

Lani Abarquez
Senior Partnerships Officer
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[email protected]
Mirjana Drvoderic
Senior Partnerships Officer
+61 3 9919 7658
[email protected]
Fiona Goudie
Partnerships Administrator
+61 3 9919 2022
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Arlene Jayawardena
Senior Partnerships Officer
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Anne McMillan
Senior Partnerships Officer
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Trudy Turner
Partnerships Projects Coordinator
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Maree Wheelens
Manager of Project Partnerships
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Course & unit advice

To get information specific to your course in this program area, contact our Course and Unit Advisers (CUA).

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