If you didn't quite meet the entry requirements for a particular course, our fully-funded, 13-week Foundations at VU course provides you with an alternative pathway to reaching your goal of studying at university.

It could be that your study scores were lower than you expected, or that your final year of secondary school was particularly challenging.

With the successful completion of our Foundations 13 week course, you can get your higher education plans back on track.

What you'll learn

In this course you'll be introduced to a broad range of study skills needed to complete further study.

You'll learn valuable skills such as:

  • how to plan, research, write and present assignments to meet university standards
  • how to evaluate, analyse, and interpret complex data/text in order to form arguments and reach a conclusion
  • better ways to use technology to complete your coursework.

You will also gain a better sense of what course or career you'd like to pursue next, develop confidence in your ability to continue tertiary education and become familiar with VU's support services.

Committed & enthusiastic educators

During the course, you'll be supported in your learning by talented, experienced and caring staff.

One of our program educators, Rosa Zull, has over 30 years of experience in senior school, foundation programs and higher education in Australia and overseas.

Rosa is enthusiastic and passionate about creating units of study which:

  • maximise the use of learning technologies
  • connects learning with the real world
  • develops the potential of each individual.

Rosa makes her class materials relevant, current and engaging. She builds trusting relationships with her students which values and nurtures their social, cultural and emotional needs and cultivates a love of learning.

 Rosa Zull, Foundations at VU program educator

Foundations at VU program educator, Rosa Zull.

How to apply

If you're ready to apply, visit the Foundations at VU course page.

Please note that the Foundations at VU course is for domestic students who have attempted an Australian Year 12 (or equivalent) and have successfully completed an Australian Year 11 (or equivalent).

Personal statement

When you apply, you'll need to include a short personal statement (500 words). Here are some possible questions for you to consider when writing your statement:

  • What are your career goals?
  • Which VU undergraduate degree or higher education diploma would you like to pursue after completing the foundations course?
  • Have there been any obstacles or hardships that have impacted on your learning experiences to date?
  • If you are returning to study, have you completed any work experience that complements your career goals?

Already a VU student?

This foundation course might also suit you if you made it to university, but your first few weeks have been tougher than you expected.

In order to enrol in this course, you'll need to withdraw from your higher education course before Census. Find out more about transferring between courses.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about Foundations at VU, please get in touch!

Phone: +61 3 9919 6100
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