Victoria University (VU) is the university of the west.

Victoria University achieved university status in 1991, but our preceding institutions date back to 1916. We are one of Australia’s few dual-sector universities. Today, we have over 40,000 enrolled higher education, and vocational education and training students studying on our campuses.

VU has received the following rankings:

As one of 39 public universities in Australia, graduates can be assured their qualification from VU is being awarded from a university operating in a world-class education system.

Being a dual-sector university means that our students can easily pathway from vocational education to higher education - such as from a certificate or diploma course through to an undergraduate degree or even a postgraduate qualification by coursework or research.

We are part of the rapidly growing global planetary health movement, which recognises the intersect between the health of people and the planet.

VU values

The VU Values are that we are always:

  • welcoming
  • ethical
  • shaping the future
  • together.

They form the acronym ‘WEST’. So, we are ‘always west’ and this is symbolic of place. The west of Melbourne is the heart of VU – the centre from which we serve communities across Australia and overseas.

While we have always taken a values-based approach to our work at VU, our new values are an opportunity to express and further articulate our moral purpose more distinctly.

Our values are a living set of actions that underpin our moral purpose, this is The VU Way, which is to transform the lives and communities we serve.

VU’s values go beyond vocabulary they are a reflection of our beliefs and our ethics which in turn influences our practice.