The Victoria University (VU) Campus Master Plan is a dynamic and evolving vision for our entire built environment. It will reimagine what a university campus is, and its role.

At VU, we see place as more important than space. This allows us to build a sense of connectedness that draws on natural, human-built, digital and social environments.

Follow us on this transformative journey as we deliver a network of vibrant campuses.

Key drivers

Underpinned by strategy

Aligning campus priorities with our vision, purpose and strategic drivers.

Protecting Country

Tangible and respectful connections to First Nations Peoples.

Industry at the core

As partnering institution, we cannot do it alone. Ethical industry alliances through the Flipped Campus Model.

Towards a better future

Environmental sustainability integrated across all campuses.

Transport & connectivity

Supporting key active transport initiatives.

New world, new ways

Embracing agile learning, teaching and working facilities.

Our campuses reimagined

City Campus

Located in the heart of Melbourne's commercial and legal precinct, the City Campus is a perfect example of our strategic vision: to be a global leader in dual sector and research.

Featuring 'one front door' to higher education and TAFE offerings, the City Campus provides an exceptional student experience with spaces co-designed to optimise collaborative learning, teaching and research.

Key projects

  • Consolidation of CBD facilities into a single City Campus (completed 2022).
  • Opening of a co-located Health, Dermal and Beauty Clinic which span both vocational education and higher education, in a real-world setting and open to the public (completed 2022).
  • Realisation of the Flipped Campus Model, with three active alliances located in the Tower. ICN Victoria and Sharpe & Abel have all made a home at the City Campus (completed 2022-2023), and PEXA will soon join them.

Footscray Park Campus

The Footscray Park Campus is VU's principal campus, only five kilometres from Melbourne's CBD, and part of a diverse, multicultural community with a rich history.

Alongside the iconic Footscray Park gardens and the new Footscray Hospital, the campus is a key part of a renowned, world-leading health, education and employment precinct – powered by deep alliances.

Key projects

  • A new centre bringing together Moondani Balluk Indigenous Academic Unit and the Aboriginal History Archives at the heart of the campus (completed early 2023).
  • A 5,000m2 VU education and research centre located within the new Footscray Hospital and a pedestrian bridge over Ballarat Road connecting the hospital to campus (in progress).
  • Creation of a landscape that connects to Country and First Nations traditional knowledge (in progress).

Footscray Nicholson Campus

Footscray Nicholson Campus is where we had our beginnings as a Technical School over a century ago. Now it is central to a developing urban context, anchoring the metro gateway to Melbourne's west.

The campus will be strengthened through a focus on arts and education.

Key projects

  • Leverage state and local investment in inner west whole-of life education, as part of the Footscray Learning Precinct (in progress).
  • Develop shared learning and cultural spaces through the centre of the campus (in progress).

Sunshine Campus

Sunshine is one of the most rapidly growing regions of Melbourne’s west, and will soon be a transport superhub, with the Airport Rail Link.

Our Sunshine Campus has long been a leading skills trainer. It will now be a central hub for skills, future jobs and innovation in paramedicine and future trades industries.

Key projects

  • Opening of the Sunshine Skills Hub (completed 2019).
  • A 5,000m2 Nursing and Midwifery facility at the Sunshine Hospital (completed 2020).
  • Co-location of Ambulance Victoria training centre (completed 2023).
  • Development of a Centre of Excellence in Paramedicine (in progress).
  • Further anchor the training and research at Sunshine Hospital in health disciplines (in progress).

St Albans Campus

Situated among established gum trees and an abundance of native plants, the St Albans Campus evokes country living – with leading-edge digital infrastructure.

It will be reimagined through the creation of a Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity and providing aligned opportunities for embedded industry partners, engagement and research.

Key projects

Werribee Campus

The Werribee precinct offers an exciting opportunity to realise Victoria’s vision for this expansive area in Melbourne’s outer west.

Our ambition is to upgrade and renew the Werribee Campus, cementing its position as the central engine room for the emerging Werribee National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC).

Key projects

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