Staff work from home resources

Victoria University staff can easily work remotely from home or elsewhere using a range of well-established remote communication tools.

Set up access to necessary systems and services to work remotely.

Access applications & files from home

Collaboration tools

You can use Jabber to make and receive video enabled or voice calls to other Jabber users from your desktop or laptop.

Learning and Teaching staff can use Zoom for video communications. Zoom is available in VU Collaborate from the Communications Menu.

You can use either Webex or Zoom to host or attend virtual meetings on any device that is connected to the internet. See our Information Classification Scheme and Media Guidelines (PDF, 295.66 KB) on the use of collaboration/communication media for guidance on your choice of video conferencing platform.

Stay safe online when working remotely

To make your working from home (or working remotely) arrangements as secure as possible, follow these top 6 tips to stay safe online:

  1. Register for Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your work account, if you haven’t already. MFA is the best way to protect your VU account and personal information.
    You can also set up MFA for your sensitive personal online accounts. Find out how to set up MFA easily for your Google, Facebook, Apple, and many more personal online accounts.
  2. There is an increase in scam emails, SMSs, and phone calls, targeting Australians and businesses. Double check you know how to detect them at
  3. Use VU’s VPN when working with sensitive information. Look at VPN guidelines on this page on how, and when, to use it.
  4. Ensure your home Wi-Fi connection is secure. You can do this by logging in to your modem or router at home and check the security settings. In the security settings make sure either WPA or WPA2 is turned on (if WEP is turned on, it’s not very secure). This will really help stop hackers getting into your network.
  5. If you’re working from a personal computer, ensure anti-virus is installed and fully updated.
  6. If you work in a shared space, make sure you lock your computer when you walk away from it (holding the Windows Key and pressing L locks it quickly).

See more online safety & security tips and resources to protect yourself and your family online.

Online safety resources

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