At Victoria University, research with impact is the development and sustained application of ethical knowledge in all its forms, done in partnership and collaboration, to address the challenges of people, place and planet.

Doing dual differently
Partnering with principle
Maximising research impact
Protecting Country
Thriving place to study & work

Key thematic areas

Health & sport

Interdisciplinary approaches to transform health, sport, social inclusion and community wellbeing.

First Nations

Connecting the deep knowledge, insights, and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Skills & workforce

Creating solutions for developing the future skills to impact advanced manufacturing and service industries.

Green research

Developing translational sustainable solutions to challenges in the natural environment.

Policy & advocacy

Improving education, health, law, social inclusion and the economy through policy and thought leadership.

VU real-world researcher

Research with impact cannot be achieved without an experienced and dedicated research community. Creating a great research environment to empower our people is fundamental to our Plan.

Who are the researchers who can lead the way to 2028? The answer is The VU Real-World Researcher.

The VU Real-World Researcher is:

  • authentically connected – developing meaningful partnerships and having a genuine and deep understanding of the problems they are trying to solve.
  • creative – bringing bold, innovative solutions to research in our key focus areas.
  • adaptable – responding to change, with an entrepreneurial mindset that capitalises on opportunities.
  • passionate – about their research and the impact they can have on people and the world.
  • ethical – operating with integrity and adhering to the highest level of ethical standards.

Our researchers are supported to maximise research with impact by our three research plan enablers.


Develop and leverage our talent in research with impact.

VU’s researchers are a great source of expertise and pride. We have researchers who are renowned nationally and globally for their groundbreaking, impactful and distinctive work in key fields.


World-leading research and skills in key thematic areas relating to people, place and planet.

VU will be known as a global solutions hub. Our unique translational research capacity enables us to address complex challenges for and with impact.


Grow our scale through ethical, impactful, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

As stated in our Strategic Plan 2022-2028:

we are a partnering institution, we cannot do it alone.

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