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At VU, we understand that attending on-campus university classes every week simply isn't an option for many aspiring leaders.

You can now qualify for your dream job faster as you fit study around your schedule, with a number of courses from certificate through to postgraduate level delivered 100% online in our transformative VU Block Model®.

We also offer a range of online short courses and single units that are a quick and cost-effective way to sharpen skills and upgrade specialist knowledge with industry-relevant, targeted training. 

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Course and unit delivery at VU includes online real-time and self-paced classes, as well as in-person learning.

Check our course pages to find your dream course, and a delivery method that suits you.

You can also apply to study a single unit, rather than a whole qualification, to upgrade your skills or expand an area of interest. While it's worth enquiring about any unit you are interested in, we do have pre-approved single units of study (not all offered online).

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Courses & units delivered online.

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Courses & units undertaken online when it suits you.

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Courses & units delivered in online classes, at set times.

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