Western Bulldogs Community Foundation

The Western Bulldogs have a long-standing history as the community club of the AFL. The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) is the community services arm of the Club that delivers innovative and engaging community services for individuals and families living in Victoria’s west.

African-Australian Bulldogs community

About the partnership

Since 2016, VU has been an active contributor to the Foundation. We work alongside the Foundation team to:

  • deliver programs through student placements and projects
  • gather research and conduct evaluation
  • collaborate with other community organisations to help scale impact
  • facilitate advocacy for the diverse community of the west.

A working model for the west

The WBCF recognises that the west is a diverse community with varying needs. To ensure programs reflect the needs of those within their backyard, they have worked tirelessly to identify and perfect program delivery across four key pillars:

  • Health & Wellbeing (Sons and Daughters of the West)
  • Youth Leadership (Nallei-Jerring Leadership Program, Leaders of the Pack)
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion (CALDplay, GOAL)
  • Community Advocacy.

Diverse participants

WBCF has 3000 participants from over 70 different countries annually

100+ partners

More than 100 program partners take part in the programs

750+ sessions

More than 750 program sessions are delivered annually

A working model for VU

In 2016, the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation (WBCF) and Victoria University (VU) established an innovative, industry-first partnership. Our staff and students work with the Foundation to build strong and vibrant communities in Victoria’s west. 

The partnership not only provides VU students with industry-based placement opportunities; it also assists in evaluating the WBCF programs with high-quality research.

In addition, VU and the WBCF collaborate on key events to engage the wider community and use both organisations’ position for community advocacy. Events have included:

  • International Women’s Day
  • Cultural Diversity Week
  • Iftar.

To ensure all programs are achieving the desired outcomes, the WBCF has been working with VU on a variety of research projects and evaluations. These focus on some of the prevalent issues in Victoria’s west. Student researchers work in partnership with the WBCF to professionally and independently evaluate programs.

The research and evaluation projects provide evidence that the Foundation is making a profound impact across the region. Our ongoing partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation facilitates program improvement and provides an evidence-base of the effectiveness of the various programs delivered by the Foundation, which promote health and social inclusion and empower marginalised youth. Our partnership promotes the values of planetary health at a local level and contributes to the reduction in the health gap and social disadvantage experienced in Melbourne's west.

Victoria University staff play their part

Contact us

To learn more about the Community Foundation:
Email: [email protected]
Visit: the Foundation website

For more information about VU’s involvement with the Foundation:
Email: Dr Kim Shearson [email protected]