Applying to study at university or TAFE can seem overwhelming, but at VU we keep your admissions process as simple as possible.

While we do consider an ATAR for some courses, your ATAR is not considered for the majority of courses in the admissions process. All you need to do is ensure you have met the relevant prerequisites and preference us through VTAC or apply direct, depending on your circumstances.

Instead of focusing solely on your ATAR, we focus on supporting you while you study at VU. This is because we believe an ATAR doesn’t necessarily give VU an insight into your drive, commitment, passion or personal skills, or the challenges you faced in Year 12. It certainly doesn’t reflect your capacity to succeed at VU as we recognise that there’s more than one way to succeed at learning.

This has been VU’s approach for several years, with outstanding results achieved by our students. In 2019, 28% of first year students achieved a high distinction and the pass rate was an impressive 86.5%.

There are many ways our courses provide you with the building blocks to succeed in your studies, including:

Wes didn’t let a low ATAR stop him from becoming a sport scientist in the A-league.

We offer TAFE & uni courses & support while you study

VU is one of only six universities in Australia that offers both TAFE and university courses - known as a dual-sector organisation. This means you can choose to study courses from VET/TAFE level right through to postgraduate level.

You can begin your studies at VU Polytechnic and receive recognition for prior learning if you choose to pathway to a tertiary degree. You can also start studying a degree and move across to VU Polytechnic, if you decide to pursue a TAFE qualification.

In all of our courses across VU and VU Polytechnic, we prioritise our industry partnerships so that our students experience engaging and impactful internships and work placements, develop real-world skills, and establish connections within industry.

With our VU Block Model, you’ll be supported as you start university as an undergraduate student. Unlike the traditional university model where you juggle multiple subjects at once over a semester, at VU, you focus on one unit (subject) at a time.

The smaller class environment develops your confidence and independence as a learner and problem-solver, preparing you for future success.

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