External organisations offer scholarships for tertiary students throughout the year.

Before you view external scholarships available, please note these points:

  • the following information is listed at the request of the external organisations
  • we try to ensure these opportunities are legitimate but we don’t endorse any of the organisations or information listed
  • you are responsible for making your own enquiries prior to submission of an application or contact with any external organisation.

Scholarships are either offered to specific study levels or are open to all students.

Bachelor degree scholarships

Australian Help

Available for: undergraduate students
Eligibility: Australian citizen or permanent resident
Value: various
How to apply: Australian Help Scholarships.

Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust scholarships

Available for: current undergraduate students and mature-age students
Eligibility: academic achievement, veteran’s children and grandchildren
Closing date: 31 October each year
How to apply: Australian Veterans' Children Assistance Trust scholarships.

BeMo Academic Consulting

Available for: full time pre-medical or medical students in good academic standing
Value: $5000
Closing date: 31 May and 31 October each year
How to apply: The BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

Postgraduate coursework & research scholarships

East-West Centre scholarships & fellowships

Available for: all postgraduate research students
Eligibility: Australia citizen or permanent residency
How to apply: East-West Centre scholarships & fellowships.

Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship

Available for: postgraduate research students (Masters or PhD)
Eligibility: writing a thesis
How to apply: Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship.

Lung Foundation Australia Bill Van Nierop PhD Scholarship in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Available for: PhD students whose research covers clinical, population, laboratory or genetics
Value: $15,000 per year over three years (max $45,000)
How to apply: Lung Foundation Australia Open Research Awards.

Maisie Fawcett Scholarship

Available for: all current VU postgraduate students to undertake a graduate coursework degree at the University of Melbourne
Eligibility: academic achievement
Value: $5000
How to apply: Maisie Fawcett Scholarship.

Nurses Memorial Centre

Available for: current postgraduate students studying nursing and midwifery
How to apply: Nurses Memorial Centre.

Victorian Cancer Agency

Available for:PhD students studying health
Eligibility: applicants must undertake part of their research in the Olivia Newton-John Centre
How to apply: Victorian Cancer Agency Scholarships.

Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

Available for: current students, studying honours, masters or PhD research in natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics, law and politics
Eligibility: projects must relate to public land in Victoria, which includes terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments
Value: $500-$2500
How to apply: return the VEAC application form to [email protected].

Open to a range of study levels

Astor Legal

Available for: Law students who are passionate about pursuing a career in law but may be suffering from financial hardship and/or come from a regional or remote area.
Eligibility: Australian citizens and permanent residents who are studying law.
Value: $2000
Closes: 30 November 2021
How to apply: The Astor Legal Scholarship


Available for: Current students majoring in Business, Marketing Management, Commerce or and Business related courses
Eligibility: Demonstrate academic/creative potential through a minimum ATAR of 80 or equivalent and demonstrate evudence of community involvement in areas such as leadership, volunteering or car clubs.
Value: $1000 plus a 3 month paid work experience position
Closes: Ongoing applications with scholarships awarded in December of each year
How to apply: AutoCraze Scholarship.

Budget Promotions

Available for: Various study levels for current or commencing students
Eligibility: Identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
Value: $3000
Closes: 15 July 2021
How to apply: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sponsorship Award.


Available for: Full time students enrolled at an accredited Australian education institute and studying a certificate, diploma, degree or traineeship.
Eligibility: Must be Australian citizens or permanent residents aged 18 years or older studying in any of the following areas: Medicine, Health Sciences & Healthcare and/or Specialist Healthcare.
Value: $5000
Closes: 31 October 2021
How to apply: Choosi Futures Grant Program

CIS Australia travel scholarships

Available for: Undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate students
Eligibility: Currently enrolled
Value: Various
How to apply: CIS Australia scholarships and grants.

Confucius China Study Plan scholarships

Available for: ‘Young leaders’ to tour China; academics to attend conferences or publish in Chinese; PhD students to study in China
Eligibility: Non-Chinese citizens; Chinese-language requirements vary
Value: Long-term study: in-China research fund, tuition, accommodation, living allowance and support; short-term study: varies
How to apply: Confucius China Study Plan Scholarships.

Confucius Institute scholarships

Available for: Chinese-language students, beginner to advanced, to study in China (four weeks, one semester, or one year)
Eligibility: Current student, non-Chinese citizen, in good health, 16-35 years old, not part of a previous China exchange, HSK level 1 to 4
Value: Tuition, accommodation, and living allowance (CNY2500/month) for One Semester and One Academic Year Scholarships
How to apply: Confucius Institute scholarships.


Available for: Current graduate or undergraduate students preferably obtaining marketing, communications, web or design degrees or be obtaining a business marketing, digital marketing or search engine marketing degree
Value: $1000
Closes: 31 December each year
How to apply: Contevo Scholarship.

CouponXoo Scholarship

Available for: Various study levels
Eligibility: All citizenship types
Value: $2000
Closes: 31 September 2021
How to apply: CouponXoo Scholarship.

DEAR Systems Scholarship Program

Available for: Various study levels
Eligibility: Students enrolled in any educational program
Value: $1000
Closes: 31 July 2021
How to apply: DEAR Systems.

Department of Veterans' Affairs – Long Tan Bursary

Available for: All undergraduate and postgraduate students
Eligibility: Academic achievement, child of an Australian Vietnam veteran
Closes: 31 October each year
How to apply: Long Tan Bursary.


Available for: Current students
Eligibility: Students applying must be enrolled with a high school, college or University in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Japan
Value: $1000
Closing date: 31 October each year
How to apply: EasyMigrate Scholarship.

iCare Super

Available for: Current students
Eligibility: Must be studying accounting, business or finance
Value: $3000
Closes: 31 May each year
How to apply: iCare Super.

Indigenous scholarships

Available for: All Indigenous students
Eligibility: Indigenous
How to apply: Indigenous scholarships.

Larsen Jewellery

Available for: Current or future students enrolled in an Australian jewellery, design or visual arts course.
Eligibility: Must display and interest and passion for jewellery, design or visual arts and must be able to provide confirmation of enrolment prior to receiveing payment
Value: $3000
Closes: 30 November each year
How to apply: Larsen Jewellery Design Scholarship.

Me Dental Care

Available for: Students who have enrolled and commenced study in a medical/dental degree
Eligibility: Australian Citizen or permanent residents in demonstrated financial need
Value: $5000
Closes: 31 October 2021
How to apply: Me Dental Care.

Muse Project – SEO & Digital Marketing

Available for: Current enrolled students
Value: $1000
Closes: 31 July each year
How to apply: Museproject SEO & Digital Marketing Scholarship.

Pack & Send

Available for: Current students enrolled in a course of study in Australia
Eligibility: Students presently residing in Australia on a student or humanitarian visa aged 18 years and over
Value: $1500
Closes: 22 November 2021
Apply: International Student Support Grant

Promotion Products Pty Ltd

Available for: Various study levels
Eligibility: Full time/Part time current students
Value: $3000
Closes: January/July 2021
Apply: The Promotion Products Bi-Annual Scholarship.


Available for: Current students in their penultimate or final year of studying law, business or finance in an Australian accredited University.  Dual degree students are encouraged to apply.
Eligibility: Must be Australian citizens and permanent residents
Value: $2000
Closes: 31st December 2021
Apply: Providior Student Grant

RAAF Women's Association

Available for: All students
Eligibility: Family member was or is in RAAF
How to apply: phone +61 2 6251 1994.

Real Insurance – Futures Grant

Available for: Full-time certificate, diploma, degree students studying business, finance, medicine and healthcare
Eligibility: Australian citizen/permanent resident, over 18 years of age
Value: $5000
Closes: 31 October 2021
Apply: Real Insurance – Futures Grant.

Refractique Photography Innovation

Available for: Various study levels, Australian universities (undergraduate level or postgraduate level)
Eligibility: Studying an arts degree (or relevant photography course), if unsure please contact us at [email protected]
Value: $2000
Closes: 30 January and 30 June each year
Apply: Refractique Photography Innovation scholarship.


Available for: Full time students studying for an undergraduate certificate, diploma or degree.
Eligibility: Must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia aged 18 years or older
Value: $5000
Closes: 31 March annually
Apply: SocietyOne University Scholarship.

Sport Australia

Available for: All elite junior Australian athletes
Eligibility: Must be aged between 15-21 years
Value: $2500 - $10,000
Closes: 4 July 2021
Apply: Sport Australia Scholarship and Mentoring Program

The Pinnacle Foundation

Available for: Full-time students aged between 18 to 27 years of age who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.
Eligibility: Have achieved good or reasonable academic results and identify as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community.
Value: Varies
Closes: September 2021 (applications open July 2021)
Apply: The Pinnacle Foundation


Available for: Full-time students enrolled in their penultimate or final year of study and be studying for an undergraduate certificate, diploma or degree.
Eligibility: Must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia aged 18 years or older.
Value: $5000
Closes: 31 October 2021
Apply: Webjet Australia Student Grant.

Winnett Specialist Group

Available for: Students 18 years or older, Australian citizen or permanent resident
Eligibility: Enrolled in a medical degree at an Australian university and able to provide documentation with respect to having an underrepresented and/or under privileged background
Value: $2000
Closes: 1 May 2021
Apply: WSG Scholarship.