International delivery partnerships

Victoria University (VU) is one of the largest providers of Australian qualifications outside of Australia.

We pioneered transnational education partnerships in Asia, first delivering VU qualifications in Asia more than 20 years ago.

About our international delivery

We deliver English language courses, and a range of diplomas, bachelor and masters courses - both online and in-person - to more than 5,400 students in partnerships with highly regarded international delivery partner institutions. 

We are ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide (THE World University Rankings 2023).

Through our relationships with international delivery partner institutions we have established ourselves as a leader in the delivery of transnational education.

With an innovative range of models and many years of experience in the field, we are well-positioned as a global institutional partner of choice.

Our delivery partner map

Map of international delivery partners. Names of partners listed on this page.

Map of international delivery partners. Names of partners listed on this page.

This image shows part of the world map, with our international delivery partners identified as:

  1. Liaoning University, China
  2. Henan University, China
  3. Central University of Finance and Economics, China
  4. Sunway College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  5. Sunway College, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  6. National School of Business, Sri Lanka.

Benefits for students

Our internationally delivered courses provide students at our international partner institutions the opportunity to:

  • enrol in a VU qualification closer to home and in a familiar and supportive education environment
  • become familiar with the Australian education system and gain the confidence to successfully complete a qualification in Australia
  • transfer to Melbourne, Australia, to complete all or part of a qualification.

Tailored courses & curriculum

The course structures and curricula delivered in English at our international partner institutions are equivalent to what we teach in Melbourne. We work closely with our partners to ensure that students receive the same high quality educational experience as those who study with us in Australia.

This means that a VU qualification awarded to graduates at our partner institutions enjoys the same recognition as a VU qualification awarded to graduates in Australia.

Graduation ceremonies & international alumni groups

Students who complete their studies with any of our international partner institutions in China or Malaysia have the opportunity to attend one of our international graduation ceremonies.

These are held in China and Malaysia each year.

Following graduation, VU students who complete their studies with one of our international delivery partners, or have studied in Melbourne and have now returned home, can stay in touch through one of our international alumni groups.

Our alumni networks in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Indonesia offer great opportunities to network with fellow graduates, including alumni gatherings that generally occur at the same time as our international graduation ceremonies.