Victoria University offers a range of summer and winter school elective units for students to take during the two main semester breaks. Units are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Summer and winter semesters are voluntary study periods and are also known as:

  • SEM 3 (summer) or SEM 4 (winter) if you're studying in a standard semester, or
  • Summer or winter block if you are enrolled in block mode.

If you're considering enrolling in a summer or winter unit, please be aware that enrolment is subject to minimum and maximum student numbers.

Units on offer may change at any time, so please check back regularly prior to enrolment.

Benefit of summer & winter study

Studying during the summer or winter periods could mean:

  • a lower student-to-teacher ratio
  • a shorter timeframe to complete a unit
  • faster completion of credit points toward your qualification
  • the chance to take a unit that might be a course elective
  • the opportunity to repeat failed units in order to meet pre-requisites for the following semester.

Important dates for summer & winter study

Higher Education semesters Semester start Semester end Tuition payment due date Administrative census date Census date Results published
SEM 4 (winter term) 3/6/2019 12/7/2019 7/6/2019 7/6/2019 14/6/2019 5/8/2019
Winter block 24/6/2019 19/7/2019 26/6/2019 26/6/2019 1/7/2019 22/7/2019
SEM 3 (summer term 2019/20) 11/11/2019 31/1/2020 15/11/2019 15/11/2019 10/1/2020 17/2/2020
Summer block 2019 25/11/2019 20/12/2019 27/11/2019 27/11/2019 2/12/2019 23/12/2019

Students studying in block mode do not have to attend exams. Exams may apply for some winter school units in standard semesters. Dates are yet to be published.

Step 1 & 2: See if & when units are currently offered

Not every unit is offered during summer or winter study periods.

The first step is to see if the unit is currently being offered as per the list on this page.

Then use the Timetable Planner to find out when the unit is offered.

Have a look at the Timetable Planner hints & tips if you get stuck.

  • ACC3061 - World Cinemas (Footscray Park) Sem 4
  • AEB3805 - Youth Policy, Civics and Culture (Footscray Park) Sem 4
  • EEC4101 - Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (Footscray Park) Sem 4
  • EED6004 - Capstone Research Investigation (Footscray Park) Sem 4
  • EED6101 - Indigenous Perspectives and Standpoints in Education (Footscray Park) Sem 4
  • ACC2010 - Television Production (Footscray Park) WB1
  • AEB1501 - Food and Nutrition Education (Footscray Nicholson) WB1
  • AEB2802 - Ethics and Youth Work Practice (Footscray Park) WB1
  • AEB2803 - Holistic Practice With Young People (Footscray Park) WB1
  • AEK3203 - Working Ethically in Aboriginal Community (Footscray Park) WB1
  • ASA2034 - Project Design and Implementation (Footscray Park) WB1
  • ASC2005 - Change and Community Justice (Footscray Park) WB1
  • ASL2002 - Criminal Justice Systems 2 (Footscray Park) WB1
  • AYW2001 - Young People with All Abilities (Footscray Park) WB1
  • EDI3001 - Rights, Advocacy and Discrimination (Footscray Park) WB1
  • EEE3011 - Digital Life & Learning (Footscray Park) WB1

  • BLB2125 - Real Property Law (City Queen Campus) WB1
  • LLW2009 - Indigenous People of Australia and the Law (City Queen Campus) WB1
  • BLB3136 - Family Law in Society (City Queen Campus) WB1
  • LLW4007 - Evidence (City Queen Campus) WB1
  • LCR2002 - History of Criminal Trials and Law (Footscray Park Campus) WB1

  • AHE1101 - Structural Kinesiology (Footscray Park Campus)
  • APP1016 - Foundations of Psychological Research (Footscray Park Campus)
  • BLB1101 - Australian Legal System in Context (City Queen Campus)
  • BPD1100 - Integrated Business Challenge (Footscray Park Campus)
  • EEC1101 - Personal and Professional Learning (Footscray Park Campus)
  • EEC1102 - Orientation to Education and Human Development (Footscray Park Campus)
  • EEC1104 - Healthy, Active Individuals and Communities (Footscray Park Campus)
  • HBD1201 - Introduction to Dermal Sciences (City Queen Campus)
  • HBM1001 - Anatomy and Physiology 1 (St Albans Campus)
  • HNB1102 - Foundations in Nursing 1 (St Albans Campus)
  • HNB1103 - Professional Studies 1 (St Albans Campus)
  • RBM1174 - Human Physiology (Footscray Park Campus)
  • RBM1518 - Human Physiology 1 (Footscray Park Campus)
  • SOL1000 - Introduction to Adventure Environments (Footscray Park Campus)
  • SOL1003 - Adventure Based Learning for Outdoor Environments (Footscray Park Campus).

Step 3: Enrol online

Enrol online into available summer or winter units via MyVU when enrolment opens.

When selecting units, make sure you select semester 3 for summer of semester 4 for winter.

Enrolment forms for other situations

You can submit your completed form via AskVU or in person at any VUHQ.