Music Techniques 1

    Unit code: ACO1008 | Study level: Undergraduate
    (Generally, 1 credit = 10 hours of classes and independent study.)
    Footscray Nicholson


    This unit of study offers students the opportunity to explore the nexus between music practice and production, music theory (language) and musicological contexts. Students develop an understanding of the language of music theory, complementary aural skills and a context for how music develops in basic styles and genres. Students explore popular and contemporary music in relation to stylistic, harmonic and rhythmic aspects. Students apply theoretical knowledge in instrumental workshops and practice settings where they develop skills in choosing, negotiating and preparing repertoire. Workshop facilitators assist students to develop technical fluency, interpretation and musical expression on their instrument(s) within a practical performance context. Students also have an opportunity to create and produce musical works using a variety of music software.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Develop and produce musical works;
    2. Produce basic musical works using a variety of music software;
    3. Exhibit foundation technical music skills and overall musicianship within collaborative contexts;
    4. Articulate basic musical nomenclature in relation to music theory and production activities;
    5. Operate basic music equipment and music software in accordance with OHS requirements; and
    6. Articulate basic musicological concepts in a range of musical contexts.


    For Melbourne campuses

    Assessment type: Exercise
    Grade: 25%
    Applied theory and critical listening exercises
    Assessment type: Report
    Grade: 25%
    Musicology report
    Assessment type: Presentation
    Grade: 25%
    Demonstrate the basic operation of music software and sound equipment
    Assessment type: Performance
    Grade: 25%
    Musical performance

    Required reading

    Reading, resources and materials (including repertoire playlists and real books) will be provided through VU Collaborate and/or links to library and other resources.

    As part of a course

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