This unit of study debates the application of conflict resolution theory to conflicts at both group and community levels. Through this process a sophisticated, multi-layered definition of the nature of conflict will be derived. Specific processes and skills for resolving or managing conflict in a range of differing contexts are then considered, including: individual conflicts, multi-party and multi-issue conflicts, intragroup conflicts, cultural and intergroup conflicts, and disputes in neighbourhood and workplace contexts. Particular emphasis will be placed on the awareness of difference and its effect in disputes, and on the students' own styles in dealing with conflict.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate skills and knowledges for effective communication for diverse audiences and contexts  
  2. Exemplify initiative and leadership in a dynamic community environment, acting consistently, ethically and socially responsibly;  
  3. Demonstrate accountability in autonomous and collaborative judgements and innovative strategic thinking in response to conflict management challenges; and  
  4. Perform authentically as a reflective conflict management practitioner to formulate, implement and evaluate community-specific investigations to resolve complex professional problems and inform decision-making.  


Assessment type Description Grade
Exercise Conflict Mapping 25%
Workshop Apply conflict resolution strategies and approaches through conflict role-play and simulations and reflections 25%
Essay Build on conflict mapping assignment, discuss what efforts have been made to de-escalate the conflict? Critique the approach and explore other options 50%

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