A list of forms you will most commonly use during your time at Victoria University (VU).

You should read the Student Information Privacy Collection Statement (PDF, 98.4 KB) before completing any forms. Refer to the University Privacy Policy for more information.

Course applications

Applying for special consideration for direct entry into a VU course.

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Direct admission special consideration form – A126

If you're applying under Category 6 check the  list of eligible postcodes - applicants from rural and isolated areas.

Applying for special consideration for direct entry in to a course at VU.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander profile information form – A124 Applying for a course at VU and are of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent and identify as such.

Supplementary forms

As part of your application you may be required to complete extra requirements such as submitting supplementary forms.

Enrolling & changing your enrolment

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Change of Citizenship or Residency Status – A16 Your citizenship or residency status has changed.
Change your major/minor - A10 You wish to change your major or minor.
Cross institutional inbound application and authorisation – A41b Apply to study a unit at VU that will be counted towards your course at another institution.
Cross-institutional outbound application and authorisation – A41a Apply to undertake subjects at another institution that will contribute to your VU course.
Deferment application – A83 Defer your studies at VU if you have not yet enrolled. Deferment is not available to international students.
Enrolment confirmation application – A90 Need a letter from VU with your enrolment details from previous study periods. Use the letter for enrolment confirmation to third parties (eg. Centrelink, banks, immigration, employers). You can print your own enrolment confirmation letter for the current study period via MyVU.
Enrolment overload – ESF04 You require authorisation if your enrolment exceeds the approved academic load.
Non award unit of study application (higher education) – A42 Apply for a higher education non award unit(s) of study.
Parent guardian agreement – A95 You are a TAFE student under 18 years of age at time of enrolment.
Personal Details Amendment form – A11 You need to make changes to your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, address or phone number.
 Placement withdrawal form – A12 Applying for a review of the withdrawal of your placement due to special circumstances.
Request to extend course duration – ESF05 For domestic coursework students reaching the maximum study duration for a course and applying for an extension.
 Request a review of decision for unit withdrawal or course discontinuation due to nonengagement – A22 Seek a review of decision if you can demonstrate that you have been engaging with your studies.
TAFE application for credit transfer – P005-F01 Apply for credit when you have completed learning program/s that match the units within the course.
TAFE application for recognition of prior learning (RPL) & recognition of current competence (RCC) – P005-F02 Apply for exemptions or partial exemptions for prior studies or relevant work experience.
Unit of study addition (TAFE) - A09 Make additions to the unit(s) you are enrolled in.
Unit of study amendment (higher education) – A13 Need to amend your unit of study. But use this form only if your course doesn't have online enrolment.

VU Sydney, TAFE and offshore studentsApplication for waiver of unit rules - A65

All other students (ie you are not a TAFE, VU Sydney or offshore student): submit your application for waiver of unit rules application online.

You do not meet the unit prerequisite or corequisite requirements, or have already completed the unit but believe you should be enrolled in the unit

Exams & results

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Request for academic transcript or statement of attainment - AC01a

Purchase additional copies or apply for a replacement of your official Academic Transcript, or Statement of Attainment (once course has been conferred).
Alternative examination time application – A50 Apply for an alternative examination time (exceptional circumstances only).
Clash of examinations advice – A24 Apply to accommodate examination clash if two or more examinations appear on the examination timetable for the same session.
Extension of time for examination application – A45 Apply for an extension of time for your examination. Only relevant for: non-English speaking background and in your first two years of your enrolment at VU.
Review of Assessment Outcome Request form – AC02 Request a review of an assessment result. Must be lodged with your Course and Unit Advisor within 5 working days of result publication.

Fees, charges & loans

Domestic students are Australian or New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents, or Australian permanent humanitarian visa holders.

If you are unable to pay your fees by the due date please see the fee extension application information page.

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 Domestic VET students A93 remission of debt form – A93

Domestic HE students A93 remission of debt form (submit the form online)

Apply for a re-credit of your Student Learning Entitlement (SLE) or to apply to have your HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP remitted.
Request a review of decision for re-credit, remit and/or repayment of fees – ESF01 You are not satisfied with the original decision to re-credit, remit and/or repayment of your fees, you can request for a review within 28 days of receiving the outcome.
Fee extension application form (C) – A49C You are unable to pay fees by the due date shown on your Statement of Account and think you have exceptional circumstances.
Internal sponsorship authorisation – A89 You're from a college or department at VU, and you wish to sponsor (i.e. pay the fees of) a student at VU.
To get a copy of the Letter of Acknowledgement template, email  [email protected] .
Sponsor agreement form – external – A91 You're from an organisation outside VU, and you wish to sponsor (i.e. pay the fees of) a student at VU.
 Staff status declaration for the purpose of enrolment as a student You're a VU staff member and you are also undertaking study at VU.

TAFE/VET, VU Sydney, offshore and international students:

 Domestic VET/TAFE student refund request form – A57

All other students (i.e., students who are not VET, VU Sydney, offshore or international): domestic HE student refund request A57 form

You wish to receive a refund of fees. First check your eligibility for a refund.
Waiver or extension of tuition fees on compassionate or humanitarian grounds – A58 Apply for a waiver or extension of fees due to exceptional circumstances.

Student loans & financial support

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Student loan application form – A48 Apply for a student loan. Includes student loan information.



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 Proxy authorisation for collection of testamur - A140 Authorise another person to collect your testamur (certificate) from the University on your behalf.
 Academic verification request form Request verification of a Victoria University Graduate's qualification.
Request for awards and graduation documentation - ACO1b Apply for a replacement:
  • Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS)
  • VU extra transcript
  • notification/letter of completion
  • replacement testamur/certificate.


International student forms

If you want to apply for a course as an international student, please apply online.

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 Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) extension Confirm enrolment extension for onshore international students.
 Reduce study load Request to reduce study load for international students.
 Application for overseas study program Apply for overseas exchange, study abroad or a short program (must be an enrolled VU student).

Leave of absence/discontinuation of your course

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Leave of Absence (VET, undergraduate and postgraduate students) – A53 Advise VU that you will be taking a leave of absence from your course (for international students studying at VET, undergraduate and postgraduate level).
Leave of Absence (Research) – A52 Advise VU that you will be taking a leave of absence from your course (for international and domestic research students).
 Course discontinuation application (international & research students only) – A40 Discontinue (withdraw from) your course (international and research students).
International Student Release - A216 Require a release to transfer from Victoria University to another provider.
Request a review of decision to transfer to another provider – A20 Request a review of the original decision to grant release based on compassionate and compelling circumstances.


Course-specific forms

Please ensure you save your PDF form to your computer prior to filling in your student details. Once you have done this, you will be able to edit the saved copy and submit.