Course & unit advice

Each College at VU has Course and Unit Administrators (CUAs) to help our students. They are the first point of contact if you need administrative assistance and advice relating to your course at VU.

CUAs have a broad range of knowledge and expertise on the coursework programs within their College. They can provide help and guidance with most practical course-related matters.

If you're unsure whether you need to contact a CUA, visit your nearest VUHQ Student Service Centre. The friendly staff will put you in contact with the right person.

Course & Unit Administrators (CUAs)

CUAs provide a range of academic administration services and course-specific advice.

Ask your College CUA about:

  • mapping your course
  • choosing or changing units or electives
  • creating a study plan to fit around your commitments
  • resolving timetable issues.

They can approve requests for:

  • short assignment extensions
  • unit waivers
  • cross-institutional study applications.

One-to-one discussions

Some services, such as course mapping, take time and need a CUA’s undivided attention to assist you properly. You can make an appointment to meet one-to-one with a CUA in your College if you need one of the following services.

Meeting topic Discussion details
Course mapping and advice -
Advanced Standing
For advice on your entitlement to apply for advanced standing and the study options available to you.
Course mapping and advice -
For advice on your entitlement to apply for a 'waiver of unit rules' and the study options available to you.
Course advice -
Unit selection/amendment
For help with choosing the right units to tailor your learning to your specific needs.
Detailed course advice For specific administrative help and advice relating to your course other than advanced standing, waivers, or unit selection/amendment.
Timetable issue resolution For help solving timetable clashes or class allocation issues that you've been unable to put right using MyTimetable.
Changes to enrolment (international students) For help and advice on managing the requirements of your course in relation to your visa conditions.
Changes to enrolment For specific advice on changing your study load, intermission, withdrawal or transferring to other courses.

Book your appointment via the links below.

Book your appointment

To book an appointment with your Course and Unit Administrator, visit or phone VUHQ, or click on the link to access the booking system for your College:

Once you have logged into the booking system through the MYVU Portal, you’ll be guided through the following steps:

  1. select the main campus where your course is based
  2. select the type of service you need
  3. select the course you are enrolled in
  4. select a date and time from the available appointments.

This will allow you to book an appointment with the CUA assigned to your course.

You'll receive an email confirming your appointment. We will also send you a reminder on the day of your appointment.

Contact VUHQ student support

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Our friendly VUHQ staff will put you in touch with the best person to deal with your enquiry.

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